Your Merchandise Pics Here!



I love seeing Mounties’ natural habitats.


@Augustus_Octavian knows whats up! :gossmere: :grin:




New favourite shirt I think


They’re here!!


SO glad they showed up Nim!


(P.S. I dig your butterfly clip. :heart: )


Was the darn Royal mail was holding them hostage again? :joy:


Yeah, royal mail was holding them hostage. Luckily I came in and freed them this morning, finding surprisingly little risistance though I was asked to pay a ransom lol


I’m so excited!!


I just remembered that I never posted anything here about getting my Oracular Eye shirt. It’s definitely one of my favorites!


Loving my new comfort hoodie, I’ll always have my Mounties to comfort me when they aren’t available


You are so cute bb (Also an expert selfie taker?) Love that hoodie, its absolutely adorable!


A friend of mine, and a follower of the magiq verse, took me out to do a photo Shoot of the new hoodie. Sadly we ended up getting rained out, but not before we got one nice shot in front of some Neithernor-esque ruins :heart_eyes: :grinning:


Babs you are so perf :blue_heart:


Put this on Discord Wellness, so might as well put it here, too!


So muscle, very fitness


Got my pins and some lovely stickers today. Seems fitting. Like a badge of honor after we opened the book (even though I didn’t really help that much…). Sticker is right at home on my laptop!


Just so you know, the Cosmos mug is ideal for cookie balancing.