Your Merchandise Pics Here!


Hey Mounties! If you’ve bought merchandise from the shop-- Shirts, hats, pins… and you don’t mind posting a pic of you with your merch on, please post here before July 13th! I need them for… reasons.




Shirt 1

Shirt 2

Ebenguard and Bali pins


One nice picture, one sweaty gym picture.



Loving the Goss rep @Augustus_Octavian


I only see two nice pictures, Augo


Balimoran pride :sunny:


That green and black combo is killer on you


Thank you :blush:


You charmer, you.



“A Weathermere looking to explore”

More to come!! <3


I got my thornmouth and cronocompas pins today and they are absolutely fantastic! I’d send a pic but my phone is currently out of action so ill try and send one when it’s fixed!


Can’t wait to seem them @Rimor!


I know it’s past the date, but look what arrived!! I love them so much more!! Thanks @CJB


I cannot wait for mine!!! :slight_smile:




You make it look gooooood!


Also, the Eye hat is the best hat I’ve ever owned.


Awe shucks <3 Thanks!! Still not as good as you flaunting your Ebenguardian pride around! Honestly, yes it is an amazing hat. I don’t regret it in the slightest.