Your Favorite Magical Treasures!


Hey everyone! I was just looking through my collection of treasures that I have accumulated over the years and thought it would be fun for all of us to get together and do a little show and tell!

You can show what you have now and also come back and show us your new finds that you discover on your adventures!

I’ll start it off with a few of mine!

I have included the two rings that I wear almost every day and my rose quartz that I carry around in my pocket!


First is my Oni mask. I had this crafted when I lived a different time.
I have other treasures but I think this is one of the best


This is my altar. I have various seashells, and things found out in nature, as well as my crystals and tarot cards. My favorites are the bone I found washed up on the beach and the crystal rose quarts skull.


@Sellalellen @Alissiya :purple_heart::pray:
We all have quirks we have gathered in the past. This half mask, a briarwood pipe and rings use to be a big part of my life. Now I still have a lot of sentimentality about them but probably invest more power into new knowledge.


Here are a few things I’ve collected over the past few years. I’ve always really loved jewelry, I have a collection of various pieces at this point. These are just a few of my favourite ones I wear quite often


I also have a treasure cabinet that I store all of my treasures in! I am on a trip right now so when I get back to Nashville I’ll post a better picture of it!


I love all those crystals! And is that a sword or an anathame?


Thank you! It is a small sword from Spain that my uncle left me.


Those are lovely. The tree of life with the rabbits is very charming :blush:


Why thank you! I do really like that one myself, the place I originally got it is closed now which is a shame. Had all sorts of wonderful trinkets and gems which were lovely


It must have existed for the purpose of housing such important items as that pendant with you. A very particular piece that one


I’ve never thought about it like that but I like that concept. Still, maybe I’ll be able to find another little shop similar to it one day


These things to occur in the appropriate and timely manner :blush:
When you next most need to cross paths with something or it’s making its way to you I’m sure it will find a space and a way. Things of portents move like drops of rain moving ever through obstacles to their destination.


That does always seem to be the case with many things that happen. Both in good and bad ways, but that’s just how these things work I suppose lol


This is a stone my buddy, who was a gemstone polisher, gave me a while back. Its raw chrysoprase. I felt its soothing effects almost immediately upon holding it. I also noticed I could see in greater detail and found later that improving eyesight is one if its qualities.
That night I fell asleep with the stone on my bed and dreamt I was in a cave made of and full of that type of stone glowing with light of the same color. I tell you it was to date the best most relaxing and rejuvenating sleep I have ever had in my life!


Here’s another one of my favorite magical treasures that I bought at some Asian store back in the day. When I hold it I always feel relaxed and alert. I have it hanging now in the entryway of my home “dojang”.


But, I would be remiss if I didn’t show some of my most prized “magical treasures”, regarded by many as powerful spiritual weapons of light:


Some of those are so ornate! I’m a Christian, but not from a sect that uses imagery of crosses very much. Still, I can see how much care went into making those.


Ah😇! These are what we Catholics call Holy Rosaries. They are the “physical side” of a prayer/meditation on the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus and his mother’s role in it. It is very beautiful and powerful and will leave you filled with the Holy Spirit. Also, by meditating on those events, sometimes the Spirit may reveal to you details that have not been recorded.
Now I know there is a rule against discussing religion, but it is somewhat necessary here to explain these objects.


Also used by buddhist monks, and some shinto shrines if i remember. Its interesting, how rosaries seem to pop up in a bunch of different places.

EDIT: oops! Was thinking of prayer beads, my bad! I think they’re called rosaries tho in japan? Ehh… might have to research this >3>?

Edit edit: i was semi right! This is a weird title coincidence i guess!

I know that the japanese were affected in a few major ways by the europeans when they visited and planted christianity on the islands, i wonder if maybe this is an artifact of that?