“You won’t find this quote on google.”



Since when was Steve in Weatherwatch?

Or is his change of house a little nod to unity?


Either that or he’s just messing with us


This got morbid. There was some ‘Event’ in the past, and a violent accident.

Also from previous posts I was thinking Collector was an elected position or something. I wonder how they were selected.


I wonder if the Event was their storm hit?


In sounds to me like inter-House/Guild strife.


Steve is complete chaos. I think he changes his guild affiliations on a whim. :joy:


Steve is THE Balimoran. He’s just a trickster. I won’t accept him as anything but Bali :joy:


Such a tricksy Steve.


Hahahaha WE GOT STEVE WE GOT STEVE I think we’d be good friends :grin:


Steve is ours :wink:


Nope! He’s jumped “ship” as they say :grin:He’s found his people’s!!! (Don’t leave me)


It may be an inherited position. The “collector” title makes me think of Climber. If that’s the case, her predecessor may have died and she was simply next in line. I imagine there’s some kind of organization involved, genetics or otherwise. Perhaps it was magiq itself that chose her.


Nope, mine! I mean, ours!