Worlds Collide Project



“Endri goes to Hogwarts.”

That was the apocryphal statement I used to pitch the entire concept of The Creationary to Leadership.
The idea that we could create a space to not only explore the Magiqverse in a more meta way, freeing ourselves to treat the concepts and characters as fiction instead of canon, but we could also explore other worlds, both literary and non-bookish, separately and together!

So the Worlds Collide Project is a chance to smash two literary worlds together, in writing, art, or any other kind of creation. Could be short, long, physical, digital…

What happens when you smash two worlds together?


And please keep in mind, these topics are meant for discussion as much as contribution. You don’t have to wait until you have a story to start yapping. :cjheart:


I have so many ideas but perfectionist brain wants me to reread every book I’ve ever loved so I can get the mannerisms and speech patterns of the characters I want to use correct :cagsko:


marty in the spiderman universe trying to get pictures of spiderman


bash doing karate in the street fighter universe


X-Men characters, but in the Book of the Wild where Magiq is known-but-illicit and mutants are adepts.


This was actually a crazy fever dream the other night - Magiq Jurassic Park, where in a twisted series of magiq/scientific experiments, necromancy is used to raise dinosaurs, then they’re bred successively with the most closely related extant genetic species (birds) to bring back a living line.


This sounds amazing :cjheart:


wizards vs dinosaurs - a 7 year olds fever dream


I think that’s one of the many interpretations of our beloved “wonder.”


All I have to say is I think Ascender would look good in green :deirdretea: :snake:


As magiq runs thin in the world, the spells guarding Brakebills erode and ultimately fail, revealing the storied school of magic to the general public. How does Dean Fogg and the rest of the faculty cope?


An epic team up with MM and the Mountaineers ensues.