“Who can it be now?”


Umm, maybe this is just my theorizing side coming out, but wouldn’t Knatz, and then AlisonB be the Collector? Or am I missing something.


It seems unlikely that Knatz or our Ali were Collectors. We know that Knatz had Ali when she was very young and that the current Collector gained the title in 1971. We also know that the youngest ever Collector was 13, so the current collector was at least older than that age when they gained the title. 1998 - 1971 = 27 + 14 = 41, which seems too old for Knatz. In one of her posts, she said “I had her pretty young and I’d barely gotten used to them,” so I’m assuming that means she had her in her late teens/early twenties, meaning the ages wouldn’t match up. (If Knatz had Ali at 21, Ali would be 20 in 1998 if Knatz was 41). The other thing we know is that the current Collector has held the title for 46 years, so it’d be impossible for it to have been passed on to Ali.


That’s true, I didn’t take the modern one having been the Collector for so long into account. I don’t think this is related to the Cagliostro or the Benefactor title, or any of the other titles that we’ve encountered thus far, other than the bios of the Collectors we’ve seen before this.


My guess is that @Steve is today’s collector. :roll_eyes: