“Who can it be now?”


“A woman receives an eye transplant that allows her to see into the supernatural world.”

“Georges and Anne are an octogenarian couple.”

“Every person is watcher as well as beeing watched, victim and offender at the same time”

“Harry Valentini and Moe Dickstein are both errand boys for the Mob.”


What the…


Well there went my theory that all the Collectors were female and incarnations of AlisonB. The dates overlap too much.


Wat. Is, is this supposed be like reincarnation or something? From what it reads, it seems like a person stays a “Collector” there whole life or from when they start until they die.


It looks more like when one dies a new one is ‘called’. Whatever that means.


That’s what I meant to say, but couldn’t get it out. :stuck_out_tongue: I want to know how a person is chosen and taught. It seems like an extremely complicated process.


I know it’s probably pointless at this point to break down the sources of Steve’s quotes, being that this is Steve and there’s very little rhyme or reason, but I can’t help myself, so, here goes.


‘The Eye’
‘Wise guys’

Those movies don’t seem to have much in common, true.


Perhaps… Maybe Augie or Ascender? If they aren’t directly related to the mountineers than perhaps Aether or dare I say Teddy Fallon…


I’m rather intrigued.


And for the title of the thread, it’s the title of a song by Men at Work. I tried to find a link to a movie and saw that it’s apparently in Valley Girl.


Maybe the locations the movies take place?


You mean to guess who the current Collector is? I hope it’s not Augie, cause of what the Storm did to him, but you’re right he may be the correct age.

Ascender, I dunno, if Ascender was made Collector in 1971, I’d hope he’d be a bit more knowledgeable when we talked to him in 1998.

My money was on Sullivan being a Collector. He collected enough stuff it seems. But then he’s dead, and the site might have revealed him. At least I think he’s dead. If it turns out he’s alive this whole time he’s gonna get a serious whoopin’.


1971… Do we know anyone old enough for it to be them? I mean, Sully was only 13 at that time, and it says current… Maybe Fletcher Dawson? We don’t know how old that person is, but old enough to have published books in the '90s… Or, I suppose Grey could be a candidate as well? But perhaps he’s too extraordinary.

The note says the Collectors passed as ordinary citizens until the day they died, so I don’t know that it would be someone especially tied to the Mountaineers. But who really knows, if this person remains anonymous until their death?


Fletcher Dawson is a good idea. We know nothing about him. (or her, could be a pen name).

If we want to blue sky it, maybe Marty?


Aren’t these pages thought to be from the original Monarch’s Mountain pamphlet, which was found by the 1994’s in an estate sale, making it pretty old and probably out of date by this point? The Collector from 1971 may not even be alive by now, or it may have even changed hands several times since the 1971 Collector passed.


I dunno, unless Marty is an extremely good actor…he seemed very surprised to hear that he was a well. Seemed like he’d never even heard of it. Let’s not rule out the possibility though. :tinfoilhat:


I’m still mindblown that this is saying MM existed up to, at least, 1971.


We’re hear now, aren’t we? I don’t think we ever really, truly went away (in a romantic, spiritual sense, not in the “organized group with royal houses and secret rituals sense”).

Edit: But… kinda, huh?


What about the Cagliostro? He certainly went up in a blaze. No?