While we wait


So, during this period as we wait for the next fragment, I thought it would be fun to talk about some of the best things that we have seen or heard about so in TMP. For me, it’s the talk of the guild familiars, the mythical creatures, and talk of the history of the Mountiees.


Here’s one of my favorite things!


For me, it was navigating the zany litmus tests of the Magiq Guide and finding my guild, which I love. The other Guilds are pretty okay, too.


For me it’s Marty’s journey from a curmudgeony, jaded reporter we vaguely heard about to a curmudgeony, jaded reporter we love. If I ever get jailed in a foreign country for a crime I didn’t commit, Marty would be my one phone call. Sure, he’d lecture me a bit and shake his head at me, but he’d have my back in the end.


For me, I think the best part about TMP is just getting to do this and be here. I’ve gotten to meet so many wonderful people and I actually feel like I’m part of something bigger. How many people can say that?
That’s not even counting the Magiq portion of this experience!

EDIT: it appears I’ve copied what Smurfette said. I guess I can say this feeling is mutual among us!


lol you’ve said and done more than I ever could :joy_cat::+1:t3:


I’ve done like 3 things: Make a Song, Make a picture, and helped look up some of the names from fragment 12 before it got to the mapping part.

My contributions are practically minimal : P


im just happy to be a part of this mad crazy awesome thing.


Ah but that is definitely more than just sitting and watching cause you don’t want to get in the way lol


Well now is your chance to hop in. That is, once we see what’s next in store!