What's Going On Right Now

(Last updated: 11/5/19)

Hello friends! This is a thread that will be actively maintained by AGP staff and kept up to date with the latest happenings on the Forum so that members new and old will know what and where the most recent activity is in some of the bigger categories and initiatives as well as the more “evergreen” topics.

Please note that we will not be including every single thread that has a new post, purely because there are too many being updated too often. This is simply meant to be a starting point for those looking for a little direction. As always, still feel free to create new topics and explore old ones as well!

First and Foremost: Welcome!
If you’re a new recruit and you haven’t done so already, go introduce yourself here! And if you’re a seasoned Mountaineer, go introduce yourself to the newbies and offer them your sage counsel when needed.

The Guilds:
If you’re new and want to learn more about your guild and how immersion works, The Guilds category is a great place to start! Don’t be afraid to dig up old threads or make new ones, that’s what it’s here for! Here’s a fun thread about how you’ve seen your guild affinities manifest in your everyday life:

Guild Bearings:
We’ve discovered a new piece to the Guide to Magiq, an additional assessment that expands each guild further into three “bearings.” Visit here to learn how to discover your bearing and share with everyone else!

The Search For Magiq:
Eaves & co have finally made it to safety, but not without a cost. Click below to read about the last moments of their harrowing journey, and to hear Eaves describe their new home.

Neithernor: Reborn
Though the doors to Neithernor have closed, we are resurrecting and honoring the memory of Neithernor with an interactive roleplaying experience here on the Forum. Read the Handbook to learn how to participate and start exploring with your guild!

Magiq Exploration:
The thread where we try to wrap our heads around what we know about magiq and our world. Tinfoil hats recommended, but not required.

November Writing Prompt:
A community-led writing exercise for the month of November! Share your creations here, whether you’re doing NaNoWriMo are just writing at your own pace!

Out-of-Magiqverse Familiars: PETS!!!
Because who doesn’t need a good thread of sweet, sweet animals?? Note: there is mention of pets who have passed, and photos of the less cuddly but no less loved spiders and crawlies.

Currently Reading:
An ongoing topic where you can share what you’re reading now and related thoughts!

Movie Recommendations:
Tell us about your favorites and discover new ones!

The Wilds and You: Gardening Topic
For thumbs of all shades of green! Whether you’re successfully managing to keep something alive or dreaming of the day when you will, you can chat about it here!

The Tabletop Gaming Thread:
To chat about your favorite tabletop games and share some of your best adventures!

Personality Types:
So many!! We’re having a blast exploring all of the different aspects of our personality through various “tests,” and seeing how they match up to our fellow Mountaineers and guild members, especially!

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