What is the most guild-typical quirky item you own?



Hey all! Me and the discord bois (BWABWAHBWAAAAH) were talking, and i brought up the topic of weirdly balimoran things we all own. After a quick back and forth, i noticed how much conversation it seemed to draw. That got me thinking, maybe i oughta make a thread on this? It seems like a good thing to discuss?

So yeah! Whats your weirdest, guild related (balimora or not), quirky item you own? Pictures, descriptions, whatever works!


Just to start, the first thing that pops into mind is a huge chunk of flouride crystal i found in the river? Flouride? Florite? The stuff in toothpaste and flourescent lighting! Its big and bright green and really pretty.

The first thing that comes to mind thats over here is this random treebranch i sanded with the intent of turning into a walking stick a while ago thats been sitting here for a year now and still isnt done xD

on the upside its v. Pretty owo


I thought I had an answer and then I realized I couldn’t narrow it down to one “most guild-y” thing. There’s too much. I am a stereotype of myself.


i mean, this is a pretty general conversation, im sure nobody has one specific item they love exclusively in a question like this. feel free to just share whatever, not like theres a specific structure here >w<


Right now, with what I brought to my apartment for this semester, I’d say that my fake books are a great representation of Balimora and Thornmouth. I have two fake books made of wood on my bookcase, Moby Dick and Sister Carrie. They’re really spacious and look practically real from the spine point-of-view. Inside I keep special journals and life mementos, not hidden from anyone specifically, but it’s nice to know I have my own little secret nooks and crannies where I live.


LOL that was me last night, looking for Bali items. “Well, the mannequin is a little random…No wait that’s totally Flinter”, “Um, the sewing machine? The three-tiered cart filled with stationary supplies?” “Wait, no, what about the box of crystals and the stack of books on Erte and costume history?” :joy:


I’d have to say it’s the shear randomness of my books.


I feel that I speak for all present when I say “Can you please post a pic of all your Laptop stickers??”


Lol. That also works. :laurendizzy:


Is that Log Horizon I see? I loved the anime and bought the first novel a few years back, but I didn’t have the Japanese skills to read it back then, and so somehow haven’t gotten around to reading it xD I should get to that soon ><

Also, nice to see someone else who loves horses on this forum~


Yep, it is Log Horizon. I absolutely love the anime and since it was never continued I started reading them. I also do love horses. It’s one of my University majors and I just finished training and selling my assigned filly last week. I can pm a picture if you want.


Yes, that was also why I bought the first volume of the novel back before the translations were released, I was super interested to see how it continued and then I couldn’t read it and sort of gave up, so I should find some time to get back to it soon :smiley:

That’s so cool, I’d love to see a picture! I’ve been riding horses since I was about six, but then after university I moved and there are hardly any horses here, so I had to give up on it :sob:


Ok now I’m just curious about everyone’s laptop stickers.

Here are my aggressively thorn stickers to start things off:

I also have a bunch of books from 1898-1940 that I snag from thrift stores, festivals, popup markets, etc.
They’re at home but I can send a pic in a week or so. They’re so pretty :cjheart:


I have a reading glass for fine print (this lives on my shelf) and a pocket sized extendible telescope for spur of the moment birdwatching (I actually keep this in my purse)


That’s awesome!