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I just listened to this part again, and I believe it says “Our collector visits that town and seeks to find…”


i think i have an idea.
Whoever listens to LORE, re-listen to Episode 82. i think it sounds like one of the sites from that episode.
im giving it another listen, to confirm, but Circle of Stones made me think.

its either that or its Boston. Fairy mounds in the Boston Commons which can be circles made of stones, its a northeast coastal town, and has had fishing as an industry.


Thanks, Nim! I knew what I put sounded weird, so I’m happy that you caught this. The transcript above is edited to reflect the change.


I don’t know about the Lore episode, but I really doubt that it’s Boston because it specifically says that it’s a quiet fishing town. Boston hasn’t been a quiet place in hundreds of years, so unless the story is about one of the very early settlers, I don’t think it’s that. I’ll look into the Lore episode, though, unless we get another lead!


Well, Woolie is dressed in very old clothing I believe. If these stories are memories of his, it could very well be from long ago. I’d keep the option open we could be talking about something hundreds of years old.


Could the quiet fishing town be Greenport, in New York? It’s one of the few towns that has barely changed since it’s founding in the 1600’s. Also, the UK has plenty of fishing towns, it is to the NE, and had the circles of stones.


Circles of stones make me thing of Native American Teepee (ack I think I spelled that wrong) rings.although those re all over the place so that maybe isnt specific enough.


Yeah, I saved it on my phone, @Augustus_Octavian. I got into the office yesterday and nothing was out of place. Nothing left behind. And no Woolie. Not sure what we did? I’ll be out of the city this weekend but I’ve had my eyes glued to the camera feed. One thing I noticed… the sounds of the other Ackerly Green aren’t happening any more frequently than they were before, but I swear they’ve gotten louder the past two days. Clearer.


Maybe we should be looking for a place that ties all the clues together


Okay, some time at a computer may have helped a little with another potential location…

There are several circles of stone, and the Tomb of the Eagles was discovered by a farmer. One of the super important stones at one of the circles was destroyed by a separate farmer generations prior as well.

Doesn’t say anything about treasure or a missing boy, but maybe that’s the mundane folk leaving things out?


right, im gonna isolate the audio and see if i can enhance the audio of the collectors name. stand by.

in terms of process thus far… basically i went into the vimeo video and pulled the url out of the “embed video” portion of the various tools offered. i then went onto the internet and found a free “download video links as an mp4 file” site, which ive used to isolate the video itself.

i then opened it in a video editor i use called “shotcut” which lets me enhance portions of an audio file if i import a video as just said audio.

Ive done it. His name is Wulfun, or something similar.



after some further audio wizardry ( two pass normalization with a 10Decibel target, a low pass of 1848 hz with a dryness of 27.1%, a high pass of 2244 hz with a rolloff rate of 3 and a dryness of 38.3% and a boost of 23 Decibels), i have done everything i can do to this and im 99.9% sure its wulfuns

also, here. have the entire broadcast isolated and crisped up.


So… Basically you made it easier to hear? :joy:


sorry, i did a lot here, but i feel like its a good idea to leave my process incase anyone wants to learn how to do it themselves.

yes, i made it easier to hear xD


Great work on the audio, but I hear “our collector visits that town”.


“Treasure buried beneath telltale circles of stone” could this be linked to the clue “A circle of stones”?


Okay, let’s pull apart the son’s name, if it’s really in there. That might tell us something like a country of origin where that name is more popular.

It sure sounds like ‘Methan’ to me. Maybe it’s Ethan?

Edit: It could be a verb and he’s saying ‘(something)’ and burried…’ but I can’t find a verb that works for that space.


Also, while I don’t personally think this is important, someone should bring it up for our collective intellect to bear in mind. A son who dissappeared 30 years ago, but didn’t die. That sure has a parallel to Brandon Lachman. who was still alive and kicking 30 years after he died.

I think that’s too neat of a bow to be the case…but it’s a fact to keep around just in case it’s important.


Okay so the previous clues have all been near a AGSS Mountie so maybe this town is near one of us. If we’re going on the basis that all these clues point to one place then it should be easier to narrow down. So we have “A Collector of Tales” visiting “A Fishing Town” where a son, who’s “A Swashbuckling Pirate”, left “Buried Treasure” for “A Lost Father”. The treasur could be in “A Circle of Stones”. We know that the fishing village is in the north east but the question is the north east of where?


I might have found our fishing village! So I was thinking about North East locations and I quickly ruled out America and Canada as they’re too big with too many variables. So I started looking at islands and it turns out that Brisbane is in the North East of Australia, has history in fishing, history with pirates and also has the Queensland Maritime Museum! So it looks like the town might be Brisbane where @Skylad is or somewhere near by!


Are we also looking for the answer to the question: How is a son still leaving stuff for his father 30 years after his disappearance?