Wet Woolie



Oh for sure! It’s good to keep all of that collected!!


Yep it is!


If we’re using Atlas Obscura, Remus and I might not be matched for a location. The only one listed in our town is not really related to any of the clues at all. Also an article on the invention of the cheese curl because that was invented here I guess…


Hey guys I’m here but nothing is happening


Okay so something happened as I was walking away from the gravesite. I’ll update you all when I get out of this creepy place!


There’s no guarantee all the locations are in atlas obscure. It’s just a search tool j thought might be handy. I wouldn’t limit us to that.


Okay so it took a while to find the gravesite, I had to search 52 acres, but when I got there I didn’t notice anything strange or mystic. I wandered around for a while trying to find something but nothing came up. I decided that this wasn’t the place. However when I started to walk away I felt a nagging sensation like something was trying to pull me back. It was then I realised I had my Herman pin on and it was trying to tell me something. So I walked back to the grave walked around it and read the poem on the stone. My phone then chimed out and a notification appeared. It read “A Circle of Stones” looks like its another piece of the lost memory!


I just had a horrible sinking feeling as to what a circle of stones could mean :sob::sob:
Great find, Rimor! Two pieces of the puzzle!


Im not saying that its bit creepy, but great job! Going to go see about the courthouse later today.


So, for those of you who don’t know I live on a hill overlooking my town, so I was staring into town when something clicked.
The old and new courthouses are across the street from each other. A union of time?


Hmm, it’s promising. If it’s very easy for you to swing by those places and see if you get a reaction I say go for it. I think right now Rev’s Union Station clock is slightly higher chance, but no reason not to check out both!

It’s going to be way better to check too many places than too few, I’m thinking. Plus hey, it gets us out exploring. :slight_smile:

Edit: Also, this is only the first memory we’re unlocking according to Woolie. Maybe an interesting place near you that you discover isn’t used for this memory, but it could be used for a future one, so remember all those interesting places you’re finding around you!


Yeah, I think you may be right. We will know in a second!
EDIT: Here… Waiting to see if something happens?
EDIT2: Nothing happened, no darkening clouds or mysterious texts lol. I think Revs our best bet for union of time, and its back to the drawing board for me😌


Was a good lead to track down though. Thanks for checking!


Oh, I just realised it as well :grimacing:


So. I just realized that yesterday Herman jumped ship from the light jacket I’ve been wearing to a heavier coat because somehow he knew it was going to be winter part 77…Except I didn’t check the weather and didn’t wear the heavier coat. So I’ve made sure I have Herman today, and I’ll see if I can do a bit of walking and maybe go back to the places I was at yesterday…


Oracle, are you able to get into the city? I think you will find more noteworthy stuff if you’re in Philly proper. :cjsmile:


Maybe some time next weekend? Schools crazy so I can’t really take the time right now, and I’m packing all weekend :cold_sweat:


No worries! Thought I’d mention it, since Philly’s bound to have a lot of cool stuff. There’s 45 possibilities on Atlas Obscura, so it’s quite possible one of them fits.


Def finding some cool stuff (Including a romanesque cemetery thats been reclaimed by the surrounding forest :eyes: ) but nothing that fits what we are looking for quite yet. If I find something that we are sure about, I will make it happen.


I was thinking the Steamboat might be an option as well. I’m still not sure what the two wheels means, though. :eavessweat: