Wet Woolie



Dude, how hard is it to get there for you?


It’s literally a stone’s throw away!


That has to be one!


Okay this is definitely Carpenters cure!!! Read this and you’ll see!


So, we’ve all but confirmed both market and cemetery!


OMG RIMOR!!! I think youve found it! I am at the edge of my seat lol! Gonna try my courthouse tomorrow, I forgot herman at home today :sob:


I’ll try my tower on Friday (now that I’m logged into the forum through the app :bashfacepalm: ), and if that doesn’t work, I’ll try the Atlas Obscura things that’re near me when I can (might be as late as Wednesday on the further ones).


Also, may have been a bit premature, but I updated the list of all possibilities in preparation of Rimor’s being what we’re looking for for a cemetery - a carpenter’s cure.


If anyone wants to do some digging, I’m from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Currently, however, I’m in Lethbridge, AB, for school

According to Atlas Obscura in Lethbridge is just a yarn bombing event? In Calgary is the National Music Centre and a prehistoric jawbone of some dinosaur … so uh … I doubt it’s me for team Ebbie?


That’s awesome! Great find Rimor!


I made it to my other two possibilities…kinda. I went by the school clock tower, and got nothing. Then I went to the Atlas Obscura listing for my town (also the only one in like, an hour’s drive)…but the thing is, the listing is for the old fence that used to run around the entire outside of the campus. And one the one section that is explicitly called out in the article got removed this past year during construction. So I walked along where it used to be, but no word from the app. I can probably work some more of the old fence path in during the day tomorrow, but I’m thinking it’s a long shot at best. I’ll try to see if I can think of anything else in my area, but I’m leaning towards me not being the Flinter we’re looking for…


Side note: Is that the atlas obsucra website?


Ok, really quickly! Other then Rimor and Robert, no one else has found something right? Do you think that a Mountiee from each guild has something in their area?


That’s the thinking so far as I can tell.


I think that’s the running theory 5…
Also incase this may apply to anyone else (red herring alert!!) I have two gallery’s that are right next to eachother GOMA (Gallery of modern art) and the Queensland Art Gallery… courthouses have gallery’s could this be “A courthouse, Union of time” being both modern and historic arts…


Hey, I think it might be useful to create a list of all the places we try? Let me know if I’ve missed any:


  • Robert - Balimora - “A market - the seal of a king” - “A Collector of Tales”
  • Rimor - Thornmouth - Moses Carpenter’s Grave - “A cemetery, a carpenter’s cure” - “A Circle of Stones”
  • Revenir - Flinterforge - Union Station Clock - “A clock - a union in time” - “A Lost Father”


  • Ashburn - Ebenguard - Century Tower - “A tower - a union of time”
  • Mr5yy - Balimora - Romanesque Courthouse - “A courthouse - a Romanesque lure”
  • Remus - Weatherwatch - Oakwood Cemetery - “A cemetery - a carpenter’s cure”
  • Skylad - Weatherwatch - GOMA and the Queensland Art Gallery - “A courthouse - anion of time”
  • OracleSage - Gossmere - Courthouse - “A courthouse - a union in time”
  • Viviane - Flinterforge - National Cemetery - “A cemetery - she spoke from a tree/a union in time”


So what are we looking for a notification from the app?


Everyone should keep brainstorming though! I don’t think we’re going to get any theories confirmed until we find all the pieces. So if anyone thinks they have a place that might fit, check it out even if it overlaps on other clues that people are checking!


From what Robert said, it sounds like it was a push notification from the app, yes


That’s true, and we don’t necessarily have the combination confirmed, just the location. But I wanted to distinguish locations that led to a push notification versus ones that haven’t been visited yet.