Wet Woolie



If Woolie’s pulling from Atlas Obscura, it technically only has four things listed for my immediate area: https://www.atlasobscura.com/things-to-do/gainesville-florida

Doesn’t include any of the older buildings on campus, or the solar walk, or any of the numerous murals around downtown.


I mean…the victorian and romanesque were pretty far apart, time-wise. But remember, that was just one guess, that Romanesque and tower went together. If I was wrong about that theme-based pairing, then tower might match with something else. So I guess tl;dr, still worth a shot to check it out?


im planning on making my way downtown tonight at 6, in 2 hours. ill let you all know what i dig up.


Okay, so the courthouse I have in my college town is of Romanesque architecture. I’ll go downtown and look around.

Edit: It also has 3 statues representing law, justice, and mercy.


A thought: As she spoke in a tree could relate to somewhere that activists did some tree sitting.

Also, my tower has a carillon in it and chimes the time (provided it hasn’t been shut off for a concert :endriwink: ) if that helps match it with something else.


If it is based on Atlast Obscura, there’s only one listing for where I am…which could sort of be stretched to match the weird second set clues “a brush with the law” or “she spoke in a tree”…tho I’m not sure which of the first set it would match. But I’ll keep digging.

Also…maybe a little late in the game for this…but we don’t really know that the clues are paired. Like, maybe it really is 12 separate clues. And none of the pairs we’ve come up with are really concrete. So I guess what I’m trying to say is that if you have an idea, even if someone finds something that seems to overlap with what you have, if you can get there it doesn’t hurt to try anyway?


Agreed. We should keep our options open.

On the page for the Central market the word ‘Romanesque’ is actually used to describe it. shrug

I do think they have to come in pairs though or more. If the only clue we had was ‘market’ we never would have found it.


If Dey is right I may be Gossmere’s, my town is holding a p important seat of PA political power, and we are kind of known for our courthouse.


In the hopes that putting all our options out there (since we now know Robert’s could go with king or Romanesque) will help, here’s all possible pairings (minus the market).
Edit 9:59pm HST to remove a cemetery - a carpenter’s cure as all but confirmed
Edit 3:23pm HST to remove a clock - a union of time

A courthouse - the seal of a king
A courthouse - a Romanesque lure
A courthouse - a brush with the law
A courthouse - as she spoke in a tree

Two wheels in the sea - the seal of a king
Two wheels in the sea - a Romanesque lure
Two wheels in the sea - a brush with the law
Two wheels in the sea - as she spoke in a tree

A tower - the seal of a king
A tower - a Romanesque lure
A tower - a brush with the law
A tower - as she spoke in a tree


So, just to recap, are we trying to pair each of these with a Mountie who has a pin?


Okay, I just checked my least probable guess and got nothin’. I have two more to check on my walk home, and then it’s back to the drawing board. Fingers crossed.


I think that’s the current game plan


Okay, so I think I am most likely a Courthouse and Union of Time. My town is modern, but has a lot of buildings from hundreds of years ago.


So @Ravenwing and I talked it over, and we’re planning on checking Oakwood Cemetery tomorrow afternoon. It’s not super well known, but Roy Chapman Andrew, an inspiration for Indiana Jones, is buried there, so that could be it. Otherwise, the two of us may not be matched with a location for this. We’ll keep you updated as we move along.


Okay, so I couldn’t go and visit it tonight so I’m going to try tomorrow when I have more time off. I’m guessing it will be either a courthouse - a Romanesque lure or a courthouse - a brush with the law. I could also have something to do with a clock. Is there anything I should look for?


Um, so first of all, Robert - you are amazing! Man, I can’t believe the app spoke to you, that’s both creepy and awesome.

So, now that we’ve figured out we’ve got to visit somewhere… Funnily enough, Raven asked about steamboats on the east coast a couple days ago and I said that I knew about some steamboats, in particular one, but that one wasn’t on the east coast. That steamboat was a side-wheeler called the Steamboat Arabia. From my own nerdy trivia info, I know the farm it was found on was owned by a local judge, so could that be the “brush with the law?” They also found carpentry tools on it, so it could be “a carpenter’s cure.” I dunno, what do you guys think? Is it worth checking out? The area is real close to my home, and I like some of the shops in that area anyways, so no big deal to stop by there. :cjsmile:

I was thinking it could be another thing if it’s near me - “a union in time” being a timepiece at union station.


I totally think both of those things are worth checking out! Great finds.


So, uh…I live outside Washington, D.C. When we first started looking into locations near us (near our pins?) I was more worried that I could find some variation of ALL of these clues. I know it would probably be easier for others with less local landmarks to narrow down first, but then I looked at the Atlas Obscura results near me and, umm…this tree in the National Cemetery is eating headstones?
Not sure if this is a better fit for “a union in time” or “she spoke from a tree”, or if it’s not either of them. Either way, it feels super Balimoran. shrug


I’ll head over there tomorrow then, Union Station isn’t far from my university, so I can hit the clock on my way back. :grin:

@Viviane - Whether or not that is a clue - that tree is fascinating. And super spoopy. :ghost:


Guys I think I might have one…