Wet Woolie



Just got back from Central Market. The place is closed today so I couldn’t go in. I stood on the sidewalk a while trying to figure out what to do. I walked around the building. I tried all the doors to see if one was able to be ‘negotiated’ with. I was considering just coming back Friday when it occurred to me, I left Herman in the car on my backpack.

I went back to the car, walked up to the front door and like what must have looked like a crazy person held my backpack and phone up to the front door for what felt like forever.

And then the app talked to me. It called me by name and said I found a piece of a lost memoty: “A Collector of Tales”. Is that who Woolie was? A Collector of Tales? And then the wind picked up, and the clouds looked dark (forecast was for thunderstorms) and I noped back home so hard to write this that I think I left my car running in the driveway.

So I think we found The Market with the Seal of the King.

The next question is. Which other five of you need to find your local things?


So if something happened for Robert, it isn’t just limited to our six Ebbies…I have a couple locations near campus that could fit the clues, I was mostly doubting that any would be anything of great historical importance so I never dug too deep or mentioned them here. I’ll take a closer look this evening!


Oh dang, Carpenter’s cure, if paired with the cemetery might have something to do with the carpenter graves. They are made to look like tree trunks…and I have an Oakwood cemetery near campus. I’ll go tomorrow after class. Curing is usually process that takes time. Carpenters literally laid out to cure…


So remaining clues:
A clock
A courthouse
Two wheels in the sea
a tower
a cemetery

A carpenter’s cure
a union of time
a romanesque lure
a brush with the law
as she spoke in a tree


Just spit-balling here, but I’m near a couple unique clocks that I can look into…and I’ve got things that come to mind for the vague parts of each pair, but will need to see if I can make links to the weird second halves


Hey quick question, did some of you guys mention that the chronocompass on the app had a space for a password? Cause mine doesn’t and it’s completely updated.


I don’t see a place to enter a word on mine.


I think Sky was pretending to be Steve when he said that… :steve:


Yea, I think that was an April Fools


It looks like they do pair, just not necessarily linearly.


It’s highly likely then that each line is for one place relative to the location of a Mountie from a different Guild.

The question is, which of the 30 of us? Robert, for Balimora. Who are the other five?


Ashburn might be ours.

Sidenote: The App isnt letting me get in at all, so i think i’m out of the running.


Ohhhh one from each guild makes sense!!


I’m pretty confident that @Remus would be the Weatherwatcher… the only things I could think of that relate to me are “two wheels on the sea” cause Brisbane has 2 old school steamboats with the big wheel paddles on the back (no idea what line in the second part it would relate to) or A courthouse with a kings seal cause all our courthouses have the Aus coat of arms and that’s basically a kings seal isn’t it??


So @Robert when you say the app “talked” to you, do you mean actual literal sound happened or you got a text-based push notification?


I got a text based notification…I was going for drama while being in the ballpark of accurate. :slight_smile:


does technically count as speaking.

i feel bad for turning off push notifications now xD


I guess another thing to consider…Romanesque doesn’t just apply to architecture, it’s also an art era. Romanesque architecture might be hard to come by, but if it’s referring to the art that might open up more possibilities? Art in a museum or something? I’m still not quite sure what the “lure” part would mean, but something to think about…


Oh I’m all for the drama…I just usually keep my phone on silent and was worried I’d risk missing something :joy:


uh… does victorian architecture count? we have a ton of victorian era buildings in my town including a watch tower. its small but it overlooks the downtown core of my town and is connected to the local police station. I could maybe ask if i could take a tour or something?