Wet Woolie



The very same.


i’d count the carpenter’s cure near the fine arts wood shop, and the courthouse could be downtown, especially since there’s a police station fairly close by and thats where we’d see the brushes with the law. (given it’s proximity to a bunch of bars and college students.)


It’s possible they have a mock courtroom at the law school too. And there’s the campus police station.

Let’s be honest, this whole town’s filled with places that’ve witnessed brushes with the law. :endriwink:


In my search for something related to Romanesque architecture, I discovered that there used to be steam ships delivering stuff over a prairie south of town that used to be a lake. I don’t have a sea readily available, but… :brandonthinking:


i do! and a connection back to the town.

did the steam ships travel paynes prarie?


According to the book I was looking at, yes.

And thinking about it, it sounded like Woolie’s an Ebbie. Maybe we’re looking at places where we have Ebbies with Hermans?


One on the Sea, one near a Tower carrying the name of Century Tower, and a few others.

also, Woolie did sound like and Ebbie. Maybe we should take our Herman Pins to Neithernor and see if something happens? We can stand on the walls as he did, and scan the beach where the attack happened.

I took my bird figurine there, and it turned out to be animate. so maybe the pins might do something there too?


I just looked through the Secret Society member list, and there are six official Ebbies… :tinfoilhat:


We must come together to solve the puzzle. Ebbies, TO ME! waves arms and casts small lights into the air


“When stuck, start over and begin again.” - Me, constantly.

Going back to the 5th or so post from @Tinker, she points out some of these come in pretty clear pairs.

A clock, A union of time
A courthouse, A brush with the law
A tower, A Romanesque lure

I’d also add my opinion that these two are a pair (mostly just because they rhyme)

Two wheels in the sea, As she spoke in a tree

That leaves the market, and cemetery. And “the seal of as king” and “carpenter’s cure”

I get the impression Google is highly biasing my search results for US locations so I’m not likely to find ones for you non US people.

Random guessing time! Anyone live near any of these places?

A clock, A union of time

-There is a Union Clock company in urtwangen (Badenia) Germany
-There’s a big confusing clock in Union Square, NYC. (https://www.atlasobscura.com/places/union-square-metronome)

A courthouse, A brush with the law
I found a courthouse in Brush, Colorado, but I doubt that’s it

A tower, A Romanesque lure
Too many options to whittle down

Two wheels in the sea, As she spoke in a tree
There’s a fish on a bicycle in University City, Misourri (https://www.atlasobscura.com/places/fish-on-a-bicycle) I think I’m reaching on that one.

Just free guessing now… I see several places called King’s Cemetery in the US. Charleston Sc, Hartburg, Texas, Plymouth Ma.

Any of you guys live near any of those places?

I see a Carpenter’s Market in Summerset, Ohio.

And there lies my brain for the morning. It died like it lived, vainly connecting the unconnected, but content.


Weirdly enough, I honestly think The puts on Tinfoil hat and gloves crazy “6 Ebenguards, 6 locations” theory might be possible. We have a few of these that match up at least. Plus, as for the last one, with the cemetary and the kings seal, i think Oracle might be uniquely suited for this.

A clock, she spoke in a tree
A courthouse, a brush with the law
A Romanesque lure, two wheels in the sea - Sailing of some kind? A Fantasy of the empire? (Read: Me) Edit: Romanesque lure, maybe an Anchor?
A tower, a union of time - Century Tower near where Ashburn works.
A market, a carpenter’s cure
A cemetery, the seal of a king - New Orleans, Louisiana. it has quite a few graveyards, and it’s symbol, the fleur de lis, is a french symbol for royalty.

but that’s my thoughts for now.
EDIT: just thought of somehting.


Random thing I just discovered, which may not help, but hey, you never know.

If you go to the atlasobscura website on mobile, there’s a ‘What’s near me?’ button at the top. I don’t see it on the pc browser. That will find interesting things near your location. Maybe we’ll get lucky?


I really agree with the 6 and 6 idea. Woolie is clearly an Ebbie. The fact that we have six ebbies in the society seems to coincidental to write off. Would you guys be comfortable posting your towns so the rest of us could help with research?

(@Ashburn, @Deyavi, @grimangel53, @Ginger, @echomoon, @Smurfette) Geographic location may also have something to do with order.


Basically the University of Florida campus for me.

And if we end up feeling good about Century Tower for that one, I’ll be back that way on Friday and Sunday.


Huh, I just found this is near my house.

Central Market
The oldest continuously operating farmers market in the United States, fresh produce has been sold here in Pennsylvania Dutch country since the 1730s when it was legitimized by official decree from the King of England himself.

A Market with the Seal of a King? Hmm, it’s only open Tuesday, Friday and Saturday. I wonder I can …find a way in?


Do you think that the clues aren’t paired then? Because that significantly increases our options.


i’d say explore both options, paired and not paired.

Paired, we have a few options for, but some are short it. unpaired, we can figure out.


Tacoma - the Puget Sound area. But if it’s meant for me, it could be anywhere from the Tacoma harbor area to Seattle in Elliot Bay. So there’s that.


I’m in Orlando, Florida normally. But atm, im on the ship, so…Disney Fantasy, The Ocean, The World.

If its meant for me, i can only take that water wheels one. seriously.


should i go back to my tree again and check the app?