Wet Woolie



Maybe, and if someone’s already thought of this sorry for repeating, the lines match up? Like the first set is describing what the place is and the second set is describing something special about them. Like a clock with a king’s seal on it or a market where a brush with the law happened?


This… this sounds like something we need to look at


@Ravenwing Gonna do it tomorrow, I can get to a cemetery, a tower, a market, and a courthouse.


Don’t know if this is related or not but AG just posted again, and it reference the Jabberwoky poem from Through The Looking Glass, I never read the books so I am not an expert, but I can’t help but wonder if thats connected somehow.


Could the books tie in? I doubt it, but it never hurts to look.


One of my early thoughts was that some of the topics pair…like, a time pair (“a clock” and “a union of time”), architecture (“a tower” and “a romanesque lure”), and law (“a courthouse” and “a brush with the law”), but not all of them pair that way so I didn’t really pursue it much further

Edit: It’s possible that more pairs could be made with some digging though…those were just the only ones that stood out to me


So, spitballing here:
Clock with a King’s Seal (https://ephemeralnewyork.wordpress.com/2018/03/26/the-lion-and-unicorn-clock-above-william-street/?)
Courthouse, carpenter’s cure (something to do with wood, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tweed_Courthouse???)
Two wheels in sea, union of time (General Henry Warner Slocum was a union soldier in the civil war and served in the New York House of Reps. “March to the Sea” and the Carolinas campaign were crucial to the overall Union victory in the Civil War"(wikipedia), memorial in Tompkins square park)
Tower, Romanesque lure (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Cloisters??, in Manhattan; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Webster_Hall, also Manhattan?)
Market, Brush with law, (??)
Cemetery, she spoke in a tree (Green-Wood cemetery??, can’t figure out the ‘she spoke in’ bit)

I feel best about my ideas on the clock and the two wheels.


If I had to stretch a connection between ‘a cemetary’ and ‘she spoke in a tree’
It would be around the idea that ‘in a tree’ is in reference to being inside of a wooden coffin.


Might be playing on the idea of dreams, or telling us to look at things not too literally.

Alice’s quote specifically seems relevant to our situation.


Have we tried mirroring the clues? The entire concept of through the looking glass was that Alice was in a mirror world.

A clock, she spoke in a tree
A courthouse, a brush with the law
A Romanesque lure, two wheels in the sea
A tower, a union of time
A market, a carpenter’s cure
A cemetery, the seal of a king


Hmmmm…some of those definitely feel like sensible pairs…the last one is sticking out to me in particular tho. And very clever reasoning, Raven!!

Edit: sticking out in a good way, I mean. I’m intrigued.


So, this is going to be tricky to solve because of the scope involved. I don’t know where any of you live, so I’d never find if there’s a “Louis XIII coat of arms Cemetary”, or a “Windy Market” near you. This’ll only work if everyone in the secret society looks around themselves.

Maybe a course of action is everyone searches for the following things.

“courthouse near (my location)”
“tower near (my location)”
“market near (my location)”

And see if they come up with a name that matches one of the other 6 clues?


Hey guys do you reckon this poem ties in with the mysterious Ackerly Green Instagram posts? For example does each of the clues link to a particular book in some way?


Well “a magical version of her own mundane world” sure as heck sounds like it’s in the ballpark of what we’re doing.


I’m gonna look through the other descriptions and see if there are any clues


I feel like we’re missing something that’ll bind everything together.


Hmm. I have a cemetary near my house and until recently, there was a lumberyard too. Nothing else though.


I don’t know what I have nearby to be honest. I’ve never really explored my university’s city. I know there’s a courthouse and a ton of clocks all over.


Well, I’ve been sitting by my tower for about 15 minutes or so.
Don’t think there’s wings on it (for Romanesque lure), but it’s Century Tower, so kind of time related…


it’s the century tower im thinking of, on the campus. right?

there may be some other clues to match with around that campus.