Wet Woolie



I created a group called @The_Secret_Society for any Mountaineer who bought a pin and it has 30 members.


So, no.


If we want to try this, I can bring Herman along to work later today, there’s a tower right next door.


Sure, if that’s the direction we want to go, could be my tin foil hat is on too tight.
I can try and get to the courthouse today, if that’s what we decide.


I think the theory that we need to take pins (and the app I’m assuming) to these locations (once we figure them out) is sound. It’s just more complicated given how many pins were bought by Mountaineers. And we really don’t know how many locations this poem is pointing toward. I’m in the middle of (a freaking haunted office) getting The Monarch Papers ready for print, but anything you guys need from me, just let me know.


Stay safe Sabes, though I doubt Willie means you any harm. And good luck on printing the monarch papers.
I think Saber has a valid point, while in theory the taking pins places thing may work, I’m not sure exactly how it would work.


I have no idea what I’m talking about. But since that’s never stopped me before from stating how things probably work, why be different now? I think you guys are totally right. We need to bring the pins and apps to…places.

Our precedent is Saberlane visiting the storage area. He says the app sent him a message the exact moment he walked into the storage area. The pin and the app know where you are, and through some manner of metamagiqal divination, alchemy and good old fashioned stalking it will say something once it’s in the right place.

So, where are these places? I think the best lines of attack are the ones with more descriptions. There are litereally courthouses, towers and markets everywhere. But these seem like good spots to try applying the pry bars first to crack this open.

Two wheels in the sea.
A carpenter’s cure
A union of time
A Romanesque lure
As she spoke in a tree


So who wants to volunteer to sit in a tree till the pin tells them something? :joy:


Is Chi still in that tree from yesterday? We should check on him.


A carpenters cure sounds like tools… My dads a carpenter, I can ask him if that means anything “in the biz”.

EDIT: I feel like @Augustus_Octavian is the most likely of us to know anything related to the term “a romanesque lure”.


a carpenter’s cure also sounds like a myriad of different things, like lacquer, stain, wood glue, or even just filling putty (dad’s hobby is carpentry and i took a class where we got to work in the wood shop on campus )

as for two wheels in the sea, they could be propellers.
like straight up. which would mean im very well placed for it at the moment. I’m back at work and on the boat, so i have two wheels (read: Propellers) under me at all times. but i wont have my herman pin til possibly saturday. i unfortunately need to have him sent to me. but he will be with me on the ship. and i’ll make sure my app stays updated.


There’s the concept of curing wood, which basically seems to mean letting it air dry until the moisture is out of it enough to make is useful as firewood or lumber.

(I can now add ‘how to cure wood’ to the list of mostly obscure knowledge I’ve picked up thanks to this place)


Dang I’m gone for a day with research and this happens! (Not gonna lie, I got really excited when I read the line about the sea). I agree that the line might refer to a steamship. Coincidentally, the research I am working on is dealing with wrecks, a few of which were run by the Pacific Mail Steamship Co. as well as other steam screws but in my experience, places named in these puzzles usually focus on the Atlantic. I’ll try wearing Herman while I’m working as I won’t be back home until mid May. I am very landlocked right now.

My immediate thought with the tree line was the legend of Merlin or the name of a specific tree. :tinfoilhat: Probably a long shot, but trees with names that are also words? (Elder, Ash, Hawthorn (Nathaniel?))

Probably nothing there but I like at least putting it in front of you guys in the off chance you don’t think I’m completely crazy.


Wheels in the sea??

(There’s a memorial in Manhattan in Tompkins Square Park). I mean it sank originally in a river but later sunk in the sea.
Honestly this might be it. General Slocum was a famous steamship fire and the main one that comes up with a search for New York and steamship. It was later salvaged and sank in the Atlantic in 1911.


Thought of the day: have any pin owners ( I want to say keepers, as to me we don’t really own them, just have them for the time) taken a look at the clue and seen if a block applies to anywhere near them? or are we looking at each line as a different place? I mean, if they wants us to go somewhere, then it’s got to be somewhere near one of us, surely?


I’m hoping it’s unlikely each line is a clue to a separate location. If all we have to find a single location is ‘A clock’ we’re in pretty deep trouble.

I’d be shocked if most of us don’t have a cemetery, clock and tower really close to us. There’s got to be a way to narrow that down. Perhaps the clues come in pairs? Don’t know.


I mean, I have a courthouse, a clock, a tower, a market, and a cemetary near my uni address, but I can’t find anything that that would be “Two wheels in the sea” other than a dock.

On a side note, I just found out my uni city has a hippocampus as part of their coat of arms


Would it count for ‘two wheels in the sea’ if I threw my bike in the Pacific? :stuck_out_tongue:


We might throw the paired clues to certain guilds. Tower is definitely thorn. Romanesque lure. We have a famous romanesque revival building on campus designed by the same firm that designed the white city for the Chicago World’s Fair.


Honestly I might go for a walk and take Herman around town to everything mentioned in the poem. Anyone else going to try this?