Wet Woolie



Tinfoil time/State what may be obvious?

Part of me feels it wasn’t a coincidence he appeared to you, Saberlane, and not Devon or anyone. Maybe it was the pins, but he spoke only to you thus far. Perhaps the shards of memories are at least in part meant for you …? To fill in the gap that started in the nineties …?
I just can’t get past that.


A clock - The sidewalk clock in Fragment 4 sticks out
A carpenter’s cure - Sabes did some carpentry with that box in… Fragment Thirteen? Fourteen? Somewhere around there.
A brush with the law - Does the New York Public Library count? xD Or the Unicorn Tapestries? I guess they weren’t the law, but they did bust Mounties for trying to film.

No idea what A Romanesque Lure means. Do we have anything significant from the 10th to 13th century?

Also, I’m sure this is pretty obvious but… “A Romanesque lure, A carpenter’s cure” and “Two wheels in the sea, As she spoke in a tree” stood out to me. They’re the only ones that rhyme, though, so maybe just a coincidence?


also “a cemetery” and “for the first memory” tho you have to slant the syllables a bit to get the length right


I agree with Robert on the Kings seal, it makes me think of that doorway… The one deeds found in Neithernor?


I can’t begin to imagine how horrible Woolie must feel! To have the job of protecting your friends and leaders only to fail when it was most important. This has now convinced me that the Silver are monsters and need to be stopped!


Okay so “Two wheels in the sea” straight away jumped out at me because you don’t find wheels in the sea. Unless it meant a water wheel but again that doesn’t make sense as those are found in rivers and streams but never in the sea. So the only other thing I thought it could mean is an old steam ship as that have two massive steam power wheels to move the ship across the sea.

The other one was “As she spoke in a tree” maybe it’s not referring to a person but instead a song bird?


ahhh, didnt think of that.


A kings seal also intrigues me as Kings are mostly a European thing. The seals hold a great amount of power and respect as they’re used to sign official documents and a person who holds a kings seal speaks with his authority.


It’s not perfect but, here’s a major event that included a tree?

In vermulid tones the cat first spake
Through briaring fronge her tones did rake
from catafalque to ancient tree.

I think there were a few other mentions of trees, but none that I can remember involving speaking in a tree.

Also, a side note - maybe rather than past events we’ve encountered, it might be referring to literature? The two things this is reminding me of are the time when we had to find book names in Fragment Seven, and the Fairyland adventure in Fragment Six.


I’m doing some searching, and one thing that struck me was something when I started looking into the Romanesque lure.

Apparently in heraldry there’s a term used, “in lure,” to denote wings pointed downward on a family crest.

Maybe there are crests we’re meant to find these things on?


There were the coats of arms steve had posted a while back


I feel like the first half of the poem is a memory that Woolie is using to explain the riddle.


In that case, the first half kind of reminds me of one of Cole’s trips around NYC to unlock the Chronocompass…


And the Ackerly Green app’s mysterious new Chronocompass is acting up!


Maybe I’m wrong but it looks like…more spinning bits than before, yea?

Edit: Clarification - the center is spinning as well as the spokes for me…which I don’t think it was doing before?


Yeah, the center sun portion wasn’t spinning before, but it definitely is now!


My thinking maybe overly linear here, but I agree. The pins lead @Saberlane to the wearhouse where the piece of Woolie’s memory was revealed. It would follow that our pins would lead us places that more memories are concealed. Woolie can see them partially, thus his poem - he might be seeing glimpses of places where his memories reside. The active Chronocompass shows that magiq is working through the app for us. We just have to trust it’s flow.


Crazy idea but maybe we need to make the memories. He says some didn’t feel like his own… Maybe we have to fill in the blanks? By going to these places with the pins… Maybe we are providing the memories.
Like Itsuki used to tell us, magiq is nothing more than memory transposed.


Sorry I’m so late to the party :slightly_frowning_face: haven’t had a chance to check the forums till now :sob:
In regards to the first part of the poem… what if it’s just describing one place. And I’m thinking Central Park.
Two wheels on the sea could be paddle boats and (my knowledge of America comes from Hollywood) I think they have them there…
Clocks (again Hollywood) speed chess is played in Central Park yes? I’m not sure how the others fit in but maybe a local does…
So maybe if someone took a pin there??
And I love @Tinkers theory about the second part matching the first

Knowing me and my love of red herrings please don’t put too much stock into this but just a thought


Do we know how many pins are even out there? Could it be one “clue” for each pin-bearer?