Wet Woolie



Worth a try!


Guys!! Guys!! GUYS!!! The art gallery had a clue! It said:

“A Fishing Town”


YESSSS! Way to go, Brendon!!


Great job, Brendon!!!


A bit vague don’t you think?
EDIT: Oh never mind, I didn’t realize that the clue wasn’t another location based clue :sweat_smile:


So we’ve got:
A collector of tales
A circle of stones
A lost feather
Buried treasure
A swashbuckling pirate
A fishing town

Edit: Also, that makes two Bali clues, no Weatherwatch, and one from everyone else


Yes! So that means our final results are:

  • Robert - Balimora - “A market - the seal of a king” - “A Collector of Tales”
  • Rimor - Thornmouth - Moses Carpenter’s Grave - “A cemetery - a carpenter’s cure” - “A Circle of Stones”
  • Revenir - Flinterforge - Union Station Clock - “A clock - a union in time” - “A Lost Father”
  • Augustus_Octavian - Gossmere - Bancroft Tower - “A tower - a Romanesque lure” - “Buried Treasure”
  • Deyavi - Ebenguard - Asamkirche - “A memento mori - a sinister shear” - “A Swashbuckling Pirate”
  • Brendon - Balimora - Kamloops Courthouse Gallery - “A courthouse - a brush with the law” - “A Fishing Town”


So uh…is it ghost whispering time, then?


I guess we’ll find out when @Saberlane gets back to his office…


Great job @Brendon! Now we wait to see what comes next!


@Brendon Awesome work! So glad you found the last clue!!


Unless we have the info we need. Why wait when we can tinfoil!

A Circle of Stones
Buried Treasure

Could be…

The Vergulde Draeck, a Dutch East India Company ship crashed in Western Austrailia in 1656.

It’s believed after the crash, for some unknown reason they set up a Circle of Stones which may have marked a buried treasure. The nearest town is Perth, which was a fishing town.

I’m sure some father was lost in all this mess.

Or maybe I’m making wild accusations, but here’s what I found.


It might just be tinfoil, but I looked up some more on it and it really sounds like it could relate to that shipwreck…


And I checked, Seabird is (or was) a fishing town.


bursts through the doors
SHIPWRECK!!! :sailboat: :ocean:


:tinfoilhat: What if Woolie is one of the survivors :tinfoilhat:


And the ring of stones has only been reported as seen by a few people. Even as late as 2010 expeditions have been trying to locate it but havebr been able to.

Maybe because it is in…Neithernor ???1? :tinfoilhat: :tinfoilhat:


Wasn’t Woolie killed by the Silver when they betrayed the House Leaders?


Well yes, but that doesn’t mean he couldn’t have survived a shipwreck off West Australia before that…


I’d need to organise some time off work but I could swing an investigation :grin:


BRENDON YES! I didnt even clock onto that!