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Sooooo I am just throwing anything to the wall to see if it sticks. Here in Kamloops, we have the Sagebrush Theatre which is “close-ish” to the Courthouse.

Kind of fits both clues, but also not really.

There is really nothing iconic about either, other than the Sagebrush having a ghost, which theatre companies in town never sell tickets for his seat so he can watch all the performances

You can read about it here:

Sounds like the ghost may have had a “brush with the law as well”. I feel like I am grasping at straws here, because this literally has nothing to do with a courthouse other than general proximity to one


Brendon, there’s no harm in trying! Both you and @Cj_Heighton are in Kamloops: would either of you be able to check in the area?


@brendon tag team? im probably not as close since im on the north shore but its a decently large building. I have stuff at 9am downtown tomorrow, but after that the entire day is free for me. why not meet up around noon tomorrow?


Sorry everyone, had a busy evening, and then had a meeting all morning today. I am going to take a drive by the theatre today after work (sorry @Cj_Heighton, it probably doesn’t work for me to meet up).

Any tips with the app, should this be one of the locations?


Hopefully not too late for this to help, but I think the gist is sign in to the forum through the app and have it open in the background! Fingers crossed!


Sorry everyone, didn’t have a chance to get there yesterday. I had some stuff come up that I couldn’t work around. I will try my best tonight though


No need to apologize, @Brendon - we’re each working as hard as we can with the resources we have available to find the ghost’s lost memories.


Been here for a little bit and still nothing. Brings back all the memories though, as the theatre is attached to my old high school.


“A brush with the law” okay so I’ve looked at this line again and I’m thinking it could be one of two things. First Brush could be a person like Carpenter was, however I think this is unlikely. My second thought was that it could be a brush as in a paint brush and then something to do with the law like a police mug shot artist. So does anyone know any famous police sketch artists?


ooh. maybe a police station that has something to do with painting? are there any stations that hold an art auction or sell paintings for charity?


okay. so.

i did some digging…

and i think i found it.

https://www.atlasobscura.com/places/old-st-louis-county-courthouse .
near rev.
brush with the law, meaning its only in passing.


I know I came across this one weeks ago, but I may have discounted it since Rev already found the clock - union in time.


We’ve brought up that possibility before, but I honestly don’t think it’s the clue. For one, it’s three hours away from me. That’s not consistent with the other clues, which have always been pretty close by to a Mountaineer. And I already found a union in time, so I doubt there’s anything else I’m meant to find.


The courthouse where I am at currently has a 4 copper pillars, each representing a different branch of government, around it. It’s also been visited by a couple different presidents. I could go and check it out, it slightly fills the role.


Okay, posting this so we’re all up to speed:

  • Remus is from southern Missouri, more specifically the Ozarks, which is 3 hours away from Kansas City.
  • Remus spends much of his time in Wisconsin, so it’d probably be hard for him to go to a place in Missouri.
  • I’m from Kansas City, but I already found a clue.
  • Also, St. Louis is on the other side of the state from both me and Remus, and would take either of us about 3/4 hours to get there.

Just wanted to make sure we have our geography straight when it comes to Missouri Mounties. :sweat_smile:


So that means we’re no closer to finding this clue! We have nothing that fits with “A brush with the law” and “a courthouse”


You could always try enlisting a friendly craigslister near kansas city to help! I am sure that they would love to assist (for a small fee)!


Na it has to be someone in the society with a pin and app access. We can’t cheat this


Well… you could always mail them the pin (with a return address of course) and then give them whatever security clearance they needed so they could access the app!


The recent talk of artists and what not has gotten my brain working in overdrive. There is also the Kamloops Courthouse Gallery (atleast that is what Google told me). It is an art gallery here in town that is housed in an old courthouse. Worth a shot?

It is about a block from work so I can hit it on my walk when I leave my office.