Wet Woolie



Anyone have any ideas? Anyone need help researching in their area?


I’m pretty lost on ideas. I’m still confused why we lost the two wheels in the sea clue. I thought we had figured that one out and the low agreed it was that bike?


I think that’s a topic we’ll be debating for long time. Maybe it was an altered history/Book of the Wild crossover, like the Low believes. Maybe it was something to do with the ghost himself. Maybe it was both. Maybe they are all tendrils of the same vine. Maybe it’s what ever took magiq out of the world to begin with clawing at what we’re doing here, trying to slam the Book of Briars closed; the push and pull of competing forces beyond our present sight.

I don’t think that’s something we can know now, and I think it’s more important to focus on restoring the ghost’s memories. We have to trust the flow of magiq, because we’re all in uncharted territory here.


I’m finally back home where my pin was shipped to. Will explore this weekend :+1:t2:
Will also be a nerd because it’s Comic Expo


When I’m home next week, I’m going to check a couple of places. If it’s not any of them, I don’t think one’s near me.


Mountaineers, I don’t know if anyone is awake yet - on the East Coast, maybe? But I had to run and find a hotel lobby to snag some Wi-Fi for an update. Not the one I thought I’d give you.

I found one of the clues.

I brought my pin with me to Europe, of course. I had planned to be in Munich for Frühlingsfest this weekend (think a slightly smaller springtime Oktoberfest). This morning I woke at 4am local time and had the urge to get up and catch the early train in - I’m an early riser, but 4am is a bit too early, and then there was the 40 minute trek to the hauptbahnhof because there were no taxis or busses running at that time on a Saturday. Anyway, long story short, I had this powerful urge to tour Munich in the early morning before peak tourist hours.

I was checking in to see if there were any updates. And I guess there is, more than I thought, something to this whole magiq pin thing, because as I opened the app and location services turned on, I was walking around thinking about the new clues. And I got an update as I was passing by a certain church.

It’s the Asamkirche in Munich.

The poem relates to some of the art in the church entrance. The clue I received was

“A Swashbuckling Pirate”

A Memento Mori
A sinister shear


That’s awesome! It’s so inspiring to know that at your core, you were drawn to find that magiqal location. We’re so close now, just one last clue to find. It’s very possible that we’ll figure this out before a full month has passed! Great work everyone!


Nice find, Deyavi!


Amazing find, Dey! That means all we have left is a courthouse, a brush with the law. :deirdreexcited:


So, every courthouse in the world has something to do with ‘law’. Maybe the word ‘brush’ is a play on something? Can anyone who hasn’t found a clue yet maybe just search for ‘brush’ and ‘courthouse’ near them?


I feel like this one has some strong potential (but I’ve been batting a thousand here, so who knows…)

It’s in NOLA, so checking into this one’ll be Oracle’s bag unless someone’s taking a vacation.


And here’s a list of things that pop up when you search AO for courthouses (it kind of goes off the rail after about six).


I’m passing through St. Louis on my way back from school, so I might be able to check that courthouse out then, but I doubt that that is the courthouse that we are looking for. If we haven’t found anything by then, though, I will definitely check it out!


I found something that could be promising, presuming Sydney isn’t too far out of the way for @Skylad

Then we would have one of us from each guild! :crossed_fingers:


Hmmm… it’s about a 40 min walk from the hotel. Not sure when I’m getting another Sydney overnight but will defiantly check it out when I’m there :grin: (also no Ned Kelly stuff in brissy. That’s all Melbourne :sleepy:)


Amazing work, Dey!


As a backup, I believe @Nighteater might be around there, yeah? I’m 3 hours away and my best friend is from there, so I might be able to rope her into it if it’s not too out of the way. :joy:

Is anyone near Greensburg, Indiana? I seem to remember two Flinters in the state (or maybe just one? I’m not sure.) I think it might actually be a good one because it is a literal “brush” with the law (with the tree growing out of it, and trees being called brush). @Tinker @Griffin Would either of y’all be in the vicinity?


It’s two hours from me, but I don’t have a way to get there :disappointed_relieved:


No worries! I’ve noticed the locations seem to be pretty close to where the pins usually reside, so that probably wouldn’t be it. :wink:

Actually, that reminds me - @Augustus_Octavian @Deyavi - How far were the locations to you guys? You don’t have to get specific, but were they under an hour to get to?


Mine was about 20 minutes from where I live, closer to wear I work. My pin spends a decent amount of time in both spots.