Wet Woolie



Per our fan club :coleshadez:, it looks like we don’t have to worry about the wheels or the tree anymore (though after looking at it, and the name of that book related to it, I feel strongly about that being it).



Oh, really? Well I’m a goof. I assumed we’d have to find both the new clue and the old one. :joy: I’ll fix my post.


I’m doing some more digging on that courthouse clue, particularly since it’s looking more and more like it pairs with a brush with the law. Found a place that was once (at different times) a courthouse and a prison.

May need to wait a bit though…


Or a “memento mori,” since it was built to honor Admiral Bancroft by his friend after he’d passed away.


Excellent point, then we should be on the lookout for memento moris and towers, to be safe.


What’s vexing me is the meaning behind memento mori. At a first look I thought it would mean “remember the dead” (I have minimal latin experience, only a few old textbooks) but according to a quick google search it means “remember that you have to die”.

The phrase relates to ‘medieval Latin Christian theory and practice of reflection on mortality, especially as a means of considering the vanity of earthly life and the transient nature of all earthly goods and pursuits.’ That seems very off-putting and doesn’t seem to specifically relate to a type of location. All that I can think of it connecting to is to any medieval Christian churches.

Another possible connection it may have could be to the overall situation with Woolie and his death. He is dead and working on remembering his own death. And regardless of how he may feel, he knows that the memories he’s longing for are about him dying and won’t turn out any happier. He has no choice but to know that he has to die in these memories.


Okay, so I’m at the Millhopper, walked around the whole trail that runs along the top…

Maybe I need to actually go closer to the bottom/center of it to get it to register? If that’s the case, it may be a while. Apparently the rangers were telling people 2-3 months 2-3 months ago.



for memento mori - theres a place called memory mall on my campus that doubles as a veterans memorial? im not sure what it would have to do with the shear part of the clue, but should i check it out? and on that note, how close has everyone had to be to the specific location before the notification happened?


It’s worth a shot!


“Momento Mori” was whispered in the ears of Roman emperors by slaves on their chariots during state processions to remind the emperor that they were not divine, but mortals with finite lifespans.


That’s so cool!


Oh I remember reading about that!


That’s. So. Cool. I love it.


This location keeps coming up for me on Atlas Obscura


I haven’t sorted the memento mori logic yet but this gives off a certain vibe. Also might be connected to the tree with the bike?


So a memento mori appears to be to an object, such as a tower, building, or picture that serves a warning or reminder of death. I’m giving an educated guess and saying that the memento mori most likely is connected to a brush with the law.
But, I do have a bit of a memento mori in my hometown. We have a massive, concrete bridge that is used as part of a railway. It took 2 years to be built and had a massive amount of deaths during the construction period, with multiple people intombed in the supports. I do think this would cover a memento mori and a sinister shear.


A sinister shear… are any of the Poms near anything to do with Sweeney Todd???


I’m not sure I’m proud that I knew what ‘Momento Mori’ meant, or embarrassed because the only reason I knew it was because of the scene in History of the World, Part 1 where the slave whispers “Remember, thou art mortal.” over and over again to the returning general before meeting Caesar. I guess since it turns out it was factually accurate I’ll go with proud.

I’d provide a clip, but let’s just say as with all Mel Brooks early work…it doesn’t exactly translate well into modern sensibilities.


I did a bit more digging into possible “sinister shear” options…


Sorry I have been a little out of the loop the last little bit, I have been in LA for a week and just got back to the land of Chesterfields and Poutine (Canada). It looks like you guys are all doing great though and making some significant progress. I have much to catch up on


i checked out the place on campus and didnt get anything so :c. im gonna ask people who have actually been in the area more than 4 months if they can think of anything, since google maps and atlas obsura havent been giving me much of anything.