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Also potentially relevant: https://books.google.com/books?id=Hw-_9nJhsBUC&pg=PA40&lpg=PA40&dq=sinister+shear&source=bl&ots=HmHY2SB7c-&sig=GB0gr-ABe1Uz86mb_FVyq4HT5J0&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjLn6OZycTaAhVCoVMKHYf0CL8Q6AEIRzAC#v=onepage&q=sinister%20shear&f=false

Got this Googling “sinister shear.”


I posted it on the other thread too, but I’ll try getting to the other side of town as soon as I can. Could be Devil’s Millhopper. :deirdreexcited:


I like the idea of it being a graveyard or at least a tombstone/monument to the dead. And the book uses the old meaning of sinister (left) which is gratifying.


If sinister shear and Memento Mori go together then maybe we should ask @Nimueh if she knows of any carnivorous sheep in Wales! :joy:


Well, there were plenty of bones found down there, made people think it was a way into hell. :ascendershrug:


Well that is both fascinating and terrifying


Sinister shear. Left handed scissors? I have plenty of those but I doubt any of them are magiqal landmarks lol :deirdrexd:


I’ll repost this here.
Shear could also be this definition:
Break off or cause to break off, owing to a structural strain.
So it could be a building or a monument.


I have some time tomorrow morning to go hunting for lost memories. Any ideas of what I should be looking for, especially now with the changed poem?


It’s hard to say, but so far, we’ve found a market, a clock, and a cemetery. And also, possibly, two wheels at sea. So that means, you’d be looking for a tower, a courthouse, or a memento mori.

Also, every location we’ve found so far has been listed in the Atlas Obscura, so likely locations should have some kind of notoriety. Also, from what we know, the locations don’t seem to be terribly far from a Mountaineer. They were less than 15 miles away for me and Robert, at least. My guess is, look for things within a 20-25 radius of wherever your pin usually resides.


the adams river salmon run, which has so many salmon usually show up that the water literally turns blood red. maybe a memento mori, cause the salmon usually die once they get here.


Thanks, Rev! I have some ideas.


All right, Mounties! Stop #1 on the hidden memory tour (in the SNOW, by the way) was a dud. With the new “sinister shear” clue, I thought a treacherous chasm would be a sure-shot. Nope! Onto the next location.


DING DING DING, we have a winner!

This creepy miniature castle held the hidden memory:

“Buried treasure”


Great work Augo! What’s the place called?


Well done @Augustus_Octavian! Which clues does this match up with?


Well, it’s definitely a tower…

It’s not particularly sinister (even if they use it for haunted houses)…
I can’t find anything that says the guy who had it built did anything nefarious, despite the rumor in the AO article that he was “using up the family fortune”…

Maybe this one is seal of a king and the market was Romanesque lure?


Since it’s been a bit, here’s an update to the list:

  • Robert - Balimora - “A market - the seal of a king” - “A Collector of Tales”
  • Rimor - Thornmouth - Moses Carpenter’s Grave - “A cemetery - a carpenter’s cure” - “A Circle of Stones”
  • Revenir - Flinterforge - Union Station Clock - “A clock - a union in time” - “A Lost Father”
  • Augustus_Octavian - Gossmere - Bancroft Tower - “A tower - a Romanesque lure” - “Buried Treasure”
  • Deyavi - Ebenguard - Asamkirche - “A memento mori - a sinister shear” - “A Swashbuckling Pirate”

We still need:

  • A courthouse


  • A brush with the law


Augo, you’re amazing! Thank you for checking out that spooky castle for us. :cjsmile:

Side note - do we think this could be Romanesque? That’d be from the period of 900–1200AD. It seems like it could fit into that time period.


And “lure” could be a tip to Bancroft’s naval experience?