Wet Woolie



Castle and animal wall also seem to be a bust, though I got a tour of the clock tower in a bit (cause it’s cool).


I’m jealous you have such awesome places nearby. Thanks for check Nim. Sorry it didn’t work out.


You have Shoo-fly pie. Some people would consider that a fair trade.


Heading to Dallas tonight and will spend most of my day there tomorrow…anything I could possibly find there? And how will I know if I found something?


Not sure if anyone has pointed this out yet, but the order we’ve been knocking out the clues is in the same order as the second stanza of the poem

The seal of a king - Clue #1 (Post 101)
A carpenter’s cure - Clue #2 (Post 167)
A union of time - Clue #3 (Post 185)
A Romanesque lure
A brush with the law
As she spoke in a tree

If that means anything, then the next clue has to be tied into A Romanesque lure.


So oddly enough, I had another errand today…And I was planning to take the bus the whole way, but I missed my transfer. And my walking route is brining me past two churches. I’ve got stopped at the first on (Presbyterian and v fancy looking) but nothing so far. The next one up is listed as a cathedral on my map, so fingers crossed…


Unfortunately I won’t be of much use on this one, and my time online is very limited. I’m on another international expedition. I’ll keep up and check in when I can. Hello from Bavaria.


Omg that place looks amazing @Deyavi! Hope you’re having a great time!


If there’s no magiq in that castle, then I don’t know where it is.


Oh Dey that looks absolutely amazing!! Enjoy your trip💛


Wow! Those are really pretty Dey! They look like they were taken straight from a fairytale.


@Deyavi Good heavens; that castle and vista are fabulous. They seem almost ethereal.

As for a Romanesque lure… I decided to put Occam’s Razor to the test and found this:
It’s probably naught, considering how Willie’s riddle seems to point to more antique locales than this, but…everything truly does look better with tinfoil. :tinfoilhat:


With how some clues have been in the past, that’s as promising a tin foil as any! Any of our UK Hermanites near there?


Closest would be @nailo, but it may be too for her to go depending on which end of London she is.


Big Ben? It’s not difficult for me to get to at all. I won’t be able to visit until later today though


So, I’m here. Will try to find a way in but so far nothing’s come up on the app


So no, no would be the answer to that question :sweat_smile:


Well thanks for trying nailo!


Thank you very much for exploring Big Ben, Nailo! Here’s to the pins leading us where we need to go and what we need to seek out. :eaves:


Adding the updated poem that Marty keyed us into on the blog (since we all live on the Forum and it didn’t change here, LOL :joy: )

A clock
A courthouse
A memento mori
_A tower _
_A market _
A cemetery

The seal of a king
A carpenter’s cure
_A union of time _
A Romanesque lure
A brush with the law
And a sinister shear

A memory turning
From distant to near

Again, I’m stressed out by being near D.C. and feel like it could find something to fit any of the remaining clues, but…if the bike thing was “Two wheels in the sea” and “Spoke in a tree,” both of which make perfect sense for the island-tree-bike…then do “Memento Mori” and “Sinister Shear” also go together?

Also, resolved: if I end up at any magimystical sites courtesy of Herman, am taking a selfie for The Low. At the very least, they’ll know I’m a really committed actress. :stuck_out_tongue: