Wet Woolie



Carpenter’s cure could tie in with Gossmere or Balimora as they were fake cures


I’m not sure the clues directly relate to the guilds. Also, Rimor, didn’t you find The Carpenters Cure?


Ye I found that clue


I’ve been thinking on this whole “one per guild” thing, and we’d only be able to do that a few times. It would be nice, but I don’t know if the Mounties with smaller representation would get that much extra action in the long run.
Depending on how many memories Woolie has to share with us.


I hadn’t really been looking at this much as we seemed to be looking at one per guild, but I had a thought. I’m goign back to Uni this weekend, and I realise that I have a Crown Court near me i.e A courthouse, the seal of a king. It’s not on the Atlas, but it’s worth a shot (within walking distance for me). I can also go take a look around the Atlas enteries (also within walking distance) as I’ve been meaning to go there for ages anyway.


Regarding the one-per-guild theory, I don’t think we can assume anything right now. We do know the number 6 is a number that pops up a lot and we know we have six clues… other than that it’s anybody’s guess. I think we all have to keep looking.


Hmmm, well, @Ravenwing and I haven’t looked around with Herman, so we can try and have another go at this. We have the cemetery that Raven mentioned, but we also have an old stone water Tower. There might be a few more places that we need to look into, but I figured I would give an update.


:sleepy: well there goes my theory :joy::joy: I was waiting on more info but the magiq number is 18… was kinda hopeing that there was another set of clues associated with whichever guild that the clue corrisponded with (ie thornmouth-> oil-> lantern)


That’s a very good point. A lot of what we’ve done so far has been speculation, so it’s worth it to go out and explore if something seems to fit a clue particularly well. :cjsmile:


i’ve got my app open, and cell service, so teh gps should be able to find me.
maybe im still the ping for two wheels in the sea?


@Remus I was going to go for a walk after class if you want to go explore. I was going to leave around 3pm


im near Blackbeard’s Tower atm. would that be what i might need?


but i’ll have to wait… i’m not really able to get out to the place easily cause its a decent walk out to there from the port and i have no great amount of time to do the thing.


Tower and cemetery in town were a bust. @Remus and I have no other concrete ideas of
where to look. We will keep brainstorming though.

edit: went to memorial and castle today. No luck either.


This is the salvaged Bell tower of a local psychiatric hospital, around which a brand new hospital was built. I was hoping this was the tower and union of time, but no magiq tonight, Mounties. I’ll keep searching.


Hey, so I know we have a couple Mountiees in the UK. Has anyone been able to check Big Ben?


Rimor and I are too far from Big Ben, but we do have a London Mounty. It’s a big place though, so they may not be close


Well, it’s not the county courthouse, either.


Off to check out the courthouse; will check in once there.


Looks like that was a bust. Seal of the king though (or queen in our current case):