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The Ebenvibes are honestly so amazing :heart_eyes: glad you had a fun trip!


Thanks Oracle! Definitely a trip to remember!


So I’ve been thinking about the Romanesque lure and I think that “lure” means something either a place we were lured to during TMP or a college/school that teaches about it.

Edit: I’m on my way to the courthouse, I’ll update when I get here!


Well, I’m at the courthouse. It could be a courthouse- a brush with the law. The city police station is right next door to it.

Edit: Didn’t get any notifications.


Looked like a great idea though!


So, I tried my tower one last time, just to be sure. I walked around the whole thing, read the two plaques, held the shiny new phone that definitely shows the app is paying attention up against the north wall.

Not this time.

Unless I’m meant to sneak the keys and go inside when I have no business doing so… (it’ll take too long for me to have business in there)


so whats left?


This, I believe.


Could “she spoke in a tree” be related to a book? I was shelving at work and saw a book on Romanesque Art and it got me thinking.


Or, alternatively: spoke in a tree

The Fan Club - Marty Rank

At this point I’m up for any idea Ravenwing.

Well we have newly announced mounties in Los Angeles, London and Austin. That’s adds a huge number of potential places to look at.

I’ve done a rough few searches for courthouses, towers and wheels in water near every reported location including the newest three and can’t find anything. I think it’s going to either finding more mounties or much more in depth searching.

I’ll ponder more tomorrow.


To be honest, I kinda slacked off on the searching since a Flinter already found a location. But it’s been a hot second since someone’s found something, so I’m planning to start seriously looking again!


im slacking too, but im wondering if its just that i havent been looking in the right place.

also need to ACTUAL have my internet on.


So do we have a Pacific North West mountie that’s up for a field trip?


Also, we were tinfoiling a little about how far the memories were found from our various bases of operations. Central Market was about 25 minutes away and about 13.6 miles.

What was interesting looking at the map, and is very likely just a coincidence. The Market was in an obvious SouthWestern direction from me. And SW is the Balimora direction on the chronocompass.


As we find more memories. It might be interesting to see if this pattern continues.

You know how it is. Everything looks good in tinfoil, even the craziest ideas.


So I’m wondering of “a tower” could also mean a lighthouse.


I’m not sure on that one as mine was straight east from my home base


could be the eben one?


True if we don’t add in the one clue per guild


Could the clues have a possibility to tie in with the Guild houses?