Wet Woolie



I have an idea… But I don’t like it. I’ll try to scope it out tomorrow in broad daylight.


That doesn’t sound good! Be safe please!


hrm. So this tower i wanted to check out is part of the old firehouse. I could get up there but… I dont feel like breaking any laws.


I was keeping the seal of a king as an option still, since Robert saw that the market also happened to be in the Romanesque style…


Oh, I didn’t realize. I’ll edit my post. I think it might be a good idea to focus on the primary descriptor, since they’ve all been pretty clear on that end, and then we can see if it fits with any of the secondary descriptions as well.


Wow, you guys are all seriously amazing. I am trying to think if there is anything in Kamloops that fits the remaining clues, but I feel as though Robert is our “Balimora Representative” so to speak.

I guess it doesn’t hurt to keep trying, I will let you know if I come up with something


Random thoughts.

-There a heck of a lot of courthouses in the world that bill themselves as Romaneqsue.

-Why is the word ‘lure’ in there? Usually it means ‘something that tempts’. What does that mean in conjunction with Romanesqure? The architecture is desgined to draw you in? More than normal architecture?

-Two wheels in a sea. Paddle boat wheels? Ship steering wheels? Hydroelectric power? Also, if this was spoken Sable then maybe it’s ‘Two wheels in a C’? I’m reaching, I know.

-She spoke from a tree. I keep thinking spoke refers to a wheel here.


So I was actually having a thought about the “lure” part…tho it might be a stretch. If anyone’s got a Romanesque-ish church, then it could be bell tower? Like, the bell is supposed to draw attention…lure people in if you wanna get sinister about it?

Edit: church was the first thing that came to mind, but the same logic would apply to any building with a bell I think?



Found this tower near me… With heavy pirate lore… Tower-brush with the law?


Also things that might be helpful…I’m thinking it’d be unlikely to find real Romanesque architecture outside of Europe given the the time period, but there was apparently a Romanesque Revival style that was popular in the 1800s, which also fits the time periods of some of the other landmarks? It’s called Richardsonian Romanesque if anyone is interested…Also, I’d still keep an eye out for places that talk about Romanesque-period art maybe…


could we possibly have someone check Trinity Church? that might be of help.

but otherwise, i hope y’all are doing well in the search!


Yep. That’s something I found also. It’d be really hard to find real Romanesque architecture outside of Europe.


A lot of Romanesque architecture in the US is in the Romanesque revival style. Romanesque can sometimes be a shorthand for that style as well.


One of these instances was what came to mind for me re: as she spoke in a tree. Several are in California (though it’s big, so not sure if any are close by to any CA Mounties).


I’m heading out now with the pin and my phone to Victoria Beach’s Pirate Tower to test ‘a tower’ and ‘a brush with the law’.


Good luck Helios!


I’ve reached the Pirate Tower, it’s in a lovely spot (I see what you mean about Thorn vibes Oracle)! Nothing’s happened yet with the app but I’ll give it some time just in case.


Doing a bit of digging…
Two wheels in the sea?

The holes in the two rings line up with the north star, and were calculated the way the sea is navigated.



Well the Pirate Tower doesn’t appear to be a match unfortunately. Ive got a lengthy journey back to my dorm but I still feel this venture was worth it. While taking a photo for a family we chatted about how it’s considered one of the area’s most mysterious landmarks which attracts a lot of kids and I couldn’t help but chuckle at the fact that this spot seems to have its own little bundle of magiqal energy to fuel children’s imaginations.
Edit: Noticed this cool accent on the door as I was leaving!


Oh dang the tree sitting would be possible if I were home. Too bad that’s 2000 miles away :joy: