Wet Woolie



This is super late but hello, I’m in Orlando at the UCF campus, if that helps anything.


So we’ve got left:

A market
A clock
A courthouse
Two wheels in the sea
a tower
a cemetery

A carpenter’s cure
a union of time
seal of a king
a romanesque lure
a brush with the law
as she spoke in a tree

(might not be related but I’m still keeping track)
Gossmere :gossmere:
Ebenguard :ebenguard:
Weatherwatch :weatherwatch:

So I think @Remus and I are out of the running for location stuff. Our main guess was the local cemetery and that’s out, and the water tower doesn’t match any of the other clues. Definitely out if another WW finds something.


Clock is a bust. I’m right in front of it and nothing. :laurencry:


Dang, I really liked the chances for that.


Turns out it just needed a hot second! Herman was feeling a bit feisty this afternoon, probably a sign I need to take him out more.

Clue is “A lonely father”


Awesome find Rev!!


On Atlas Obscura I found "Victoria Beach’s Pirate Tower’ which is at the beach closest to my uni. It would match up ‘a tower’ and ‘a brush with the law’ given its swashbuckling culture.
I wouldn’t be able to go until tomorrow or Saturday however.


Just to keep it local, and it’s updated with a clock - a union of time removed.



You Mountaineers never fail to amaze me.


Not gonna lie, I was grinning like an idiot the entire way back. :cjsmile: Does anyone else feel like some sort of magiqal secret agent? :male_detective:


So what are we sitting at again? What’s left to find? The only one near me that I can think of would be the old union station that is now the courthouse…

Seattle is a bit far from me. I mean, doable, but too far just to wander with no idea of what I’m looking for.


For the wheels in the sea… does it nessecarily have to be a boat? Do any of you have waterwheels for an old mill or something nearby? Im landlocked but I just wanted to remind you not to eliminate options early.


We still need:

  • A courthouse
  • Two wheels in the sea
  • A tower


  • A Romanesque lure or A seal of a king
  • A brush with the law
  • As she spoke in a tree

Assuming it’s one person per guild, we need a Gossmere, Ebenguard, and Weatherwatch.


Totally feels that way. I was joking around with someone saying my wife has been wanting to drag me to Central Market for a year and I’ve found excuses not to because it’s a pain to get to. Oh, there’s Magiq there? One sec, hold my beer. I’ll be right there.

And yeah, grinning the whole way home.


do you think bok tower gardens would count for the tower? its filled with plants, so maybe the tree thing?


It might! It fits those two clues quite nicely, so we won’t know till we try it!


quietly hopes that it is somehow my boat so i can be more of a participant

its probably an old Steamship or something.


So, since there are just the two of us @Augustus_Octavian, any ideas? I’m kind of at a loss for myself so our guilds clue must be with you! Im gonna go back to the courthouse tomorrow, I did a dumb and didn’t update my app. After that I’m out of ideas :sweat_smile:


ill try to figure out how i can get to the tower sometime soon to check it out, then!
edit: yikes, it is way further away than i thought it was. still, ill do my best to check it out.


So, I wonder if we could compile our locations and guilds, for those of us in the secret society? I know we have that old thread but I’m not sure how up to date it is.

Side note - is anyone near the Falkirk Wheel? - It’s a literal wheel in the sea and apparently it’s near some kind of roman wall.