Wet Woolie



YESSSS! Way to go, Brendon!!


Great job, Brendon!!!


A bit vague don’t you think?
EDIT: Oh never mind, I didn’t realize that the clue wasn’t another location based clue :sweat_smile:


So we’ve got:
A collector of tales
A circle of stones
A lost feather
Buried treasure
A swashbuckling pirate
A fishing town

Edit: Also, that makes two Bali clues, no Weatherwatch, and one from everyone else


Yes! So that means our final results are:

  • Robert - Balimora - “A market - the seal of a king” - “A Collector of Tales”
  • Rimor - Thornmouth - Moses Carpenter’s Grave - “A cemetery - a carpenter’s cure” - “A Circle of Stones”
  • Revenir - Flinterforge - Union Station Clock - “A clock - a union in time” - “A Lost Father”
  • Augustus_Octavian - Gossmere - Bancroft Tower - “A tower - a Romanesque lure” - “Buried Treasure”
  • Deyavi - Ebenguard - Asamkirche - “A memento mori - a sinister shear” - “A Swashbuckling Pirate”
  • Brendon - Balimora - Kamloops Courthouse Gallery - “A courthouse - a brush with the law” - “A Fishing Town”


So uh…is it ghost whispering time, then?


I guess we’ll find out when @Saberlane gets back to his office…


Great job @Brendon! Now we wait to see what comes next!


@Brendon Awesome work! So glad you found the last clue!!


Unless we have the info we need. Why wait when we can tinfoil!

A Circle of Stones
Buried Treasure

Could be…

The Vergulde Draeck, a Dutch East India Company ship crashed in Western Austrailia in 1656.

It’s believed after the crash, for some unknown reason they set up a Circle of Stones which may have marked a buried treasure. The nearest town is Perth, which was a fishing town.

I’m sure some father was lost in all this mess.

Or maybe I’m making wild accusations, but here’s what I found.


It might just be tinfoil, but I looked up some more on it and it really sounds like it could relate to that shipwreck…


And I checked, Seabird is (or was) a fishing town.


bursts through the doors
SHIPWRECK!!! :sailboat: :ocean:


:tinfoilhat: What if Woolie is one of the survivors :tinfoilhat:


And the ring of stones has only been reported as seen by a few people. Even as late as 2010 expeditions have been trying to locate it but havebr been able to.

Maybe because it is in…Neithernor ???1? :tinfoilhat: :tinfoilhat:


Wasn’t Woolie killed by the Silver when they betrayed the House Leaders?


Well yes, but that doesn’t mean he couldn’t have survived a shipwreck off West Australia before that…


I’d need to organise some time off work but I could swing an investigation :grin:


BRENDON YES! I didnt even clock onto that!


i somehow doubt we’d be able to find this, though. Its pretty out of the way, in heavy underbrush, and may or may not be in an areas that experiences heavy sanddune movement.


Fantastic work Mounties! I’m on field trip chaperone duties right now and then uptown for meetings with printing presses but I’ll try to get into the office either tonight or tomorrow morning! Great work!!