Welcome Messages for New Readers



That’s been kind of a thought of mine for a while now. If it can’t be a guild leader then maybe a single welcome committee volunteer per guild?


I definitely 100 percent second a personal welcome DM. Lets people know that the forum is still active and gives a direct avenue to connect and ask questions without feeling like you’re bothering someone you don’t know.


Maybe even tweak it at some point and after, let’s say, general guidelines, add something guild-specific? And if you somehow haven’t gone through the guide, a link to it? I know it’s a bit of a hassle as an idea but I still believe there’s more to be told about the guilds themselves than what’s in the introduction. To make it not only personal but also inviting to explore on different levels?


This has all been really constructive and productive, everyone. Definitely keep them coming if you think of stuff but I just wanted to say you’ve been a tremendous help so far!! :cjheart:


I have kind of an odd suggestion. One of the big things that drew me to TMP was the multi-media aspect. Would it be possible to integrate that into some kind of welcome ‘hub’ page? I feel like the MAGIQ guide was a wonderful point of induction during TMP, but it might be good to have some additional content to explain the post-TMP world and all the things that went down.

I don’t know if something like that would be possible, but I thought I would bring it up!


Like a shuffling tarot deck where each of the major arcana introduces you to an aspect of AGP and TMP and the forum :heart_eyes:


Late to the conversation, but I am absolutely on board with the guild leaders reaching out. I remember when I first joined I had the likes of Bells, Rev, and Robert kind of guiding me into the fray. Having those familiar faces as I learned the ropes was really helpful, and is part of what makes Basecamp feel like home!


I definitely agree with the personal message from guild leaders etc.
For me @Skylad reached out and that helped me feel really welcome, and feel like I could really become a part of this community, so that was super helpful


Smells like the Amber deck from Zelazny’s series. I’m all for that!


Just doing what I do @annabloem :hugs::hugs: it’s good practice for when the boards of Weatherwatchers finish their walkabouts and join up