Welcome Ackerly Green's New Admin, Catherine!


OMGOMGOMG. The new AGP staff is a Flinter, and an ISFP, and has an English degree? I think…I have a huge friend crush? Can we be friends?


Hi Catherine! Welcome to forums! As everyone else has said, we’re super excited that you’re here!

Also, keep up the AGP Twitter game, it’s been great so far :coleshadez:


Hey Catherine, I’ve been following the twitter and it’s amazing! It’s really exciting to have another great person working with AGP! Thanks for what you’ve done so far and all the work you’ll be doing in the future!


Man I wish my tablet wasn’t too old to run Twitter!


Welcome catherine! if you like singing, im sure me and sel would gladly enjoy the company during one of the numerous weirdly coincidental jam sessions we seem to find ourselves in on the discord. Cool to see a fan as an admin, the fate of the forums is in damn good hands.


@Viviane Um, I’m pretty sure we’re already friends?


Thanks Remus!!


Thanks so much for following and for such a lovely welcome!!


Honestly, it’s probably best for your sanity. Twitter’s a strange beast…


Thanks CJ! I only sing in public if I’m a couple G&Ts in at the karaoke bar, so I’ll spare you guys the pain. But thanks for the welcome!!


I’m afraid you are out of luck there. If we like your posts, then you’re in our family already.



Robert!! That is too kind, thanks for making me feel so welcome :blush:


Ah, I saw wen you first got added to the leader group and had no idea who you were! I was like, “Who’s this and why am I both of their current page views?” Glad to say that I can finally put that mystery to rest. Also shoutout to you for being a Flintie. It always puts a smile on my face to know there’s another one of us out there! Aight I need to sleep so laters :v:t2:

Edit: also ignore any possible like spam. That’s just kinda my thing.


Ahoy :grin: I’m a tad late to the party but Welcome Aboard! Super stoked to have you on the team :grin:


Haha glad that’s at least one mystery I can resolve for you! Thanks Griffin!


I’m late to the reply, so I think we’re even! Thanks Skylad!!


Not as late as me @Skylad :joy: Welcome to Basecamp 33 @AG_Catherine! Sorry for the late welcome I was hiding under a rock :joy:


I have been sitting here for too long wondering why you would try to convince yourself to not eat the whole pizza in one sitting.

CJ, I am not too sure about this hire, her judgement seems… questionable.

Kidding (maybe?)! Welcome Catherine! Welcome to the family!


Not all of us have bottomless pits for stomachs, Brendon.


Just us 20 something year old men