Welcome Ackerly Green's New Admin, Catherine!


Originally published at: https://ackerlygreen.com/2018/07/18/welcome-ackerly-greens-new-admin-catherine/

Hi everybody!

I’ve been working for Ackerly Green for about a month now, so we figured it’d probably be a good time to finally introduce myself. I’m Catherine, and I’ll be taking over as Ackerly Green’s assistant now that Devin has officially left for his next adventure! I’ll be helping out with everything from publishing schedules and marketing to social media, and I could not be more excited to be a part of this community in an ~official~ capacity.

I’ve been lurking on the forums for a while, but was always way too swamped with school to get as involved as I wanted to be. I graduated in December and came out to NYC for a couple of internships, but when those ended in April I was just about to head back home to Chicago when I saw the Ackerly Green position listed on a job site. The timing felt too good to be true; after weeks of sifting through job search engines and sending cover letters out into the void, here was an opportunity to work somewhere I already knew and loved, somewhere I’ve always felt perfectly at home. Devin called me about ten minutes after my second interview to let me know I had the job, so apparently the feeling was pretty mutual.

So that’s how I came to AGP! Other things you should know about me: I’m 22, ISFP, a Flinterforge, a Ravenclaw, a born-and-raised Cubs fan, and (obviously) a huge nerd. When I’m not putting my hard-earned English degree to work in the office, I’m probably sitting in the window of a coffee shop somewhere in Brooklyn, reading, writing, or looking up plane tickets for extravagant international trips that I simply cannot afford. That, or I’m at home singing loudly and poorly along to my Spotify as I wait for my frozen pizza to cook, while also trying to mentally prepare myself to not eat the whole thing in one sitting (I’m a lot of fun).

That’s pretty much me! If there’s anything else you want to know, just ask! I feel so incredibly lucky to be here, and I’m so looking forward to getting to know you all.

P.S. If anyone feels so inclined, here are links to my social media accounts (I’m most active on Twitter and Instagram). Always looking for more internet friends!




Welcome to the family Catherine, so nice to finally meet you! Plus, a fellow sun guild Ravenclaw mix on the admin team? Score. :smile:


Looks like you’ll fit right in. Welcome!


We’re slowly but surely taking over :smirk:
Great to meet you too!


Thanks Augustus!!


Another Ravenclaw! :deirdreexcited: It’s nice to meet you!


All the Ravenclaws! Also o/ :smile:


:eagle: intensifies

(Hi, welcome! And I totally get the mental fight with the pizza. :deirdrexd: )


Whispers “She’s so cool not fair”

Welcome Catherine! Stoked for you to be part of the AGP team! I’m super excited to see what you’ll bring to the metaphorical table (or would it be a digital table? Magiqal table?)

Anyways, welcome!


She’s already killing it over on the AGP Twitter!


Not sure how you got “cool” from “eating pizza alone in my kitchen,” but I’ll take it!! Thanks Ginger!!


Omg thank you yes EVERYBODY FOLLOW THE AGP TWITTER!! Right now it’s mostly my parents (and me tbh) liking my tweets so would love to interact with people outside my family!! @ackerlygreen!!


All the ravenclaws!! Yes!!


Thanks Nim!! And thanks for being one of the OG twitter followers too!! :wink:


Ugh finally someone understands me


Hey Catherine! Welcome to the forums, fellow Flinter. :flinterforge: Glad to have you here, I’ve been enjoying what you’ve been doing with the AG Twitter. It’s inspired me to look at Twitter way more often. :cjsmile:


Honestly, AGP even having Twitter may be enough to get me to download the app :joy::sweat_smile:


Thanks Rev! Appreciate the support, and I loved being able to share your Flintercat too! Your art will always have a platform on the AGP twitter if you ever feel like sharing more!!


Just signed up for Twitter just because of @AG_Catherine on the AGP account (and @CJB guilting me into it. Hahahaha, just kidding, big guy!)


#tellyofriends #tellyoneighbors