Week One Chapters 1-5: The Lost, The New


I want to fanboy with you guys even though, yes, these are my books, but I also just love this universe.

Like all good bookclubs, I want you to feel free to discuss not only the things you love but the things that didn’t work for you too if you choose. But it’s weird with me “being in the room” right? Maybe, for my books at least, this should be a more in-depth exploration of the work, and then I won’t feel so bad about hovering of your shoulders?


You’re hovering? :joy:


So, inexplicable thing from my life. You won’t believe it, my dad didn’t believe it when I told him, it is kinda dumb. But. My family used to live in a crappy, really run-down old place. The shower us kids were supposed to use was a small stall in a half-bath in the basement. The drain cover was unsecured, the mirror was warped, and etc. Once, when I was about 12, after a shower, the drain cover straight-up levitated a foot off the ground. I turned around and, as soon as I looked, it fell. I jumped, screamed, and ran upstairs awkwardly in my towel to tell my dad. He called it our “friendly house ghost” and laughed at me.

As for my reaction to the book. Oh, man. Having been a part of TMP as it was ongoing, reading the books from the perspective of a character I knew and loved already, experiencing his unique voice, was special to me. It was evidence that CJ is a master, as anyone who has watched him switch from grouchy journalist to young woman to tech-genius-of-few-words to brave and loving Ebenguardian, knows. Getting to dig into the small details, details about Brandon Lachmann and Marty’s history with the Mountaineers of the 90s, little memories of things we accomplished, that was enjoyable. For me, what hooked me into the story was Marty’s voice narrating.