"Was it a butterfly?"


“Greetings, programs!”

“So I’m sitting here reading these emails”

“other people’s messages”

“I found something!”

“you’ve been such a good sport”

“I want to give you a present”

“I read that in a pamphlet”

“seen from the Monarchs”


“Good night… Good work. Sleep well. I’ll most likely kill you in the morning.”

“Love, Steve”

A Seventh Guild?
The Royal Houses

Well this is wild


@Nymid I see what you did there. Yeah, this is…interesting.

Edit. So if I’m reading this right. The guilds used to be royal houses? With butterfly names? That explains why we keep seeing them show up.


“Good night… Good work. Sleep well. I’ll most likely kill you in the morning.”

Did Steve really just quote The Princess Bride?


I was wondering when you would pop up XD Wink i have a few spells just for you!


What fresh heck is this?!

Awesome and infuriating in the same bundle. Oh. It’s that Steve.


Mounties? I think this text is taken from the original Monarch’s Mountain pamphlet. The one the 94s based their ideology on.


Yes Miss Godmother, THAT one.


there are SEVEN


The “Watchers” family is a monarch


House of the Unnamed?


The Seventh Guild oooooohhhhhhh


Going through them, the 3rd seems to be a moth, not a butterfly, maybe the white flower moth idk, 4th is a Monarch, and 5th is a Swallowtail.


I thought 3 (Ebenguard) might be a great southern white, but I think you’re right in that it’s a moth. 4 (Weatherwatch) is definitely a monarch. I’m thinking both 5 (Gossmere) and 6 (Thornmouth) could be types of swallowtails. I have no idea about 1 (Flinterforge) or 7 (unnamed).


I went through trying to find them, and I there are so many I just paused for the day. Your probably right about the 6th being a swallowtail though.


Yeah I have never really looked at butterflies before honestly. So many varieties with minor differences. Not sure we’ll ever find exact matches, but lots that are close.