UNCHARTED TERRITORY: A MAGIQverse Art/Writing Contest!




For the next two weeks, from June 16 to June 30, we will be accepting art and creative writing submissions based around the theme of Exploring Neithernor. Submissions should be related to mapping out an area of Neithernor, either an area that has been explored before or an entirely new area.

There are two categories - literary and visual:

Literary -

  • Includes short stories, poems, essays, brochures/pamphlets, etc
  • Submissions should be no more than 5,000 words

Visual Art -

  • Includes drawings, paintings, pixel art, photography, videos, etc

You are allowed to submit one entry for each category, giving you two chances to win!

Email your submission to unchartedterritorytmp@gmail.com or PM Revenir on the forum by the deadline to participate! Please include your preferred handle/name and a contact email address.

Each submission will be rated on a scale of 1 - 10 by a panel of judges from each guild. To prevent any perceived guild biases, the submissions will be anonymized by a moderator.

The judges are as follows:

The moderator for the contest will be @Revenir.

The winners for each category will win:

  • A piece of Ackerly Green merch from the store
  • A special badge on the forum
  • A unique discord emoji
  • An exclusive gift straight from the Ackerly Green vaults


  • All entries must follow the Ackerly Green forum guidelines
  • Entries should be new works, or at least altered in some way
  • Entries must be related to the theme of Exploring Neithernor
  • One entry per category is allowed
  • Only entries submitted before 11:59pm HST on June 30th will be accepted
  • All Mounties from around the world are encouraged to enter!


We’ve created a social media image for you to post! As a fun little extra, if you post the image to Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #TMPContest, then you will entered in a raffle. Two people will be selected to win a free sketch from yours truly!

The social media contest will run from now until the 23rd, 11:59pm HST.


Oh, one more thing! We ask that you not share your submissions on the forums or social media until after the contest is over, so there is no chance of our judges seeing the entries. We want to make sure the contest is as unbiased as possible. Thanks again and best of luck to all entrants! :cjsmile:


Lol. I was going to ask about that, but you read my mind.


Quick question: If we do a visual and literary submission and we want to link them to each other, is that ok? Or do you want each category to be blind to the other?


You mean like having both entries be about the same area of Neithernor? I don’t see a problem with this.


Quick heads up! 3 days left! For Instagram contest.


Hey everyone,

The contest ends at 11:59pm EST on June 30, which is in 10 days. The social media contest (where you share the image to enter the raffle), ends on June 23, which is in 3 days. If you still wish to enter, you have a week and a half(ish) left to do so.


We’re starting to get into the final countdown for entries. If you haven’t already, please email your submission to unchartedterritorytmp@gmail.com !


I’ve got a submission that I’m wrapping up…will be submitting as soon as I can!

Did you want any sort of caption to go along with entries?


You’re absolutely welcome to include captions or short descriptions for the entries, but it’s not a requirement.


Also, a bit of an announcement -
In order to give people more time to work on their entries, we’ve decided to extend the contest for a week and a half. The contest will now end on July 11 at 11:59pm HST. If you’ve already submitted an entry and would like to revise it, feel free to submit another email to unchartedterritorytmp@gmail.com. It would be helpful to me if you could submit it with something like [REVISION] in the title. Only the most recent submission will be judged.

And, as far as the social media contest -
Only three people used the hashtag, so I’ve decided all three of you will be winners! :cjsmile: @Ashburn, @Griffin, and @Nimueh, I’ll contact y’all about the sketches on Discord shortly.


@everyone Reminder that the contest ends tonight at 11:59 HST! If you want to enter, make sure you get your submissions in ASAP!


So excited to see everyone’s submissions!


Hey Mounties!

So, first of all, I want to thank everyone who participated in the contest! Each and every entry was awesome and it was difficult to select the winners! With that said, we have our two winners for the contest:

For the art contest - @Nimueh and for the writing contest - @Tinker! Congratulations guys! We’ll be getting in touch with you soon to get your rewards to you. :cjsmile:

Here are their two beautiful entries:
Nimueh’s The Ruins:

Tinker’s Explore Neithernor Brochure:
Explore_Neithernor_Brochure.pdf (348.1 KB)

I’ve also set up a Google Drive folder with all the entries so you can check them out:


All the entries were a lot of fun! Congratulations @Nimueh and @Tinker!


Oh my lord! Stunning work you two!! The ruins are exactly how I imagined Neithernor and that brochure looks so official! :scream:


You all did amazing! Choosing was so hard!


Great job everyone, and congratulations, @Nimueh and @Tinker!


Fantastic job to everyone that submitted entries!! I can’t wait to see what Mounties continue to create! :two_hearts::two_hearts: