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Hey Mounties! So we have a lot of clubs on here such as fitness, writing and pen pals but I noticed that there isn’t a Book Club. I thought this was a bit odd as this whole thing is about books and most of us are mad about them. Therefore I thought it would be a good idea to set up a Book club thread here!

What will it entail?
So at its basic level this thread will serve as a place for you guys to share and talk about your favourite books. If you aren’t a massive fan of reading then this might be a good way to spark your inner book worm! Or if you’re a book hoarder like me then it’ll help you to add to your mountain of unread books that you full intend to read. :wink:

Book sharing!
There is nothing better then sharing your favourite book with someone and watching them get sucked into its magiqal and wondrous world! The idea of this is, just like pen pals, you’ll be paired up with someone at random to send your favourite book to! You can either send a personal copy or buy a copy for them it’s fully up to you. The next pairing you’ll send another book to a different person and the book you got from the last pairing you can either send it back to its original owner or onto a different Mounty. The aim is that the book you send will eventually make it back to you unless you want them to keep it. Obviously not everyone can read one book in a month so it won’t be a monthly thing and this should also make it easier on those who are tight for cash.

The book sharing part will only go ahead if enough people are interested. Meanwhile please feel free to ask questions or start posting your favourite books below!


I’m super into this! Sign me up for the next sorting. :blush:


Add me to that list as well!!


Yes! Please add me to that list!


I’m in!


Hey everyone, so I just had another idea strike me! If you all want we can do random themed months for different genres of books both for the mail out and book reviews/discussions on this thread. What do y’all think?

  • I’m in!
  • Not this month

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Okay so today we’re gonna do the first sorting for the Mounty Book Club! You have till the 20th to cast your vote then I’ll close it and post the pairings on the 21st. After that you’ll have till the end of the month to post your book!


Okay so the pairings for this first book exchange are;
@Mr5yy and @Revenir
@OracleSage and @Ravenwing


Im probably too late but I’d love to do this next month


The mail out deadline is on the 30th so I’ll switch you in with me is oracle is cool and if anyone joins I’ll pair up with them! @OracleSage do you mind if I switch you to @Ravenwing?


Not at all! :blush:


@OracleSage, @Revenir @Ravenwing and @Mr5yy
Hey guys, I just wanna know where you’re all at with your books currently as the next sorting is coming up in a few days.

  • I’m in!
  • Next month I promise!

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Okay so the second book club sign up is starting to day and will be open till the 20th!