TMP Character Fancasting



Hey guys, this thread was inspired by @OracleSage after he posted his fancasting for Aether.

So, my question for you all is, who would have play the TMP characters, if they were in a movie? Or even just visually, are there models or images that especially remind you of a character? I would love to see how you guys view the characters.

Here is a list of TMP characters (hopefully I’ve gotten them all):
Aisling Green
Aunt Monica
Brandon Lachman
Colby Fortin
Cole Sumner
Deirdre Green
King Rabbit
Lauren Ellsworth
Martin Rank
Meredith Grey Ackerly
Orvin Wallace
Sullivan Green
Sylvia Green
Warner Green


Benedict Cumberbatch as King Rabbit.


I support!!!


I have a couple myself:

Sullivan Green - Christian Slater

Teddy Fallon - Denis O’Hare

Orvin Wallace - Anthony Hopkins

Sacha - Ksenia Solo

Lauren - Rachel Skarsten

M. Grey Ackerly - Ian Mckellen


Okay those last three left me shook

I’d say Saorise Ronan as Deidre is one of my favs


I like the idea of Saoirse Ronan as Deirdre! I wonder what she would look like as a brunette?

Here is another fancast I’m growing attached to. Miles Heizer as Aether:

And two others -

Martin Rank - Viggo Mortenson

Steve the Balimoran - Andrew Bowser


Elijah Wood as Marty


I really like the idea of Gene Wilder being King Rabbit. The whimsy and creepiness only he could portray would be eerily appropriate.


Asa Butterfield as Aether


The Steve fancast is PERF
Also Aether is pretty A1


An old time-y Warner Green, from Grey’s and Warner’s time in the military - Ed Burns

Sylvia Green - Audrey Tautou

Aunt Monica - Winona Ryder

Brandon Lachmann (young) - Thomas Horn

Eaves - Colin Morgan

Endri - Joy Regullano

Bash - Rutina Wesley

Itsuki - Masi Oka

Deirdre Green - Emma Watson

Cole Sumner - A younger Tom Hardy?

Colby Fortin - Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Kendrick - Marcus Henderson


I think Donnie Yen would make a good Itsuki.


Rossif Sutherland as Colby


Tom Holland as Aether


Anyone have any canon images of Saberlane and Knatz? I don’t have a strong image of either of them, so I’d love to know your thoughts. :eyes:


Irene of Red Velvet as Knatz


Ya know… Butterfield would be a good Saberlane.


I support this 100%


Saberlane, Thomas Brodie-Sangster:

Sorry, I know I shouldn’t be butting in, but…


Butting in? No way! You know we’re all dying to see your interpretations. :heart: