Time Paradox Group decision for Fragment 13


All well and good reasons. I can’t fault them. I don’t agree with almost any of them, but clearly I’m a minority and I’m okay with that.

Best of luck with your plans, Mountaineers.


I’m with Robert on this.
Do I love helping people? Sure.
Will what we created exist through time? Perhaps, but we won’t know about it, because that version if us didn’t create it.
Should we trust Sullivan? We have no reason not to, but do we have to follow the Council and his plan? No.
Do we want to open the book? I think the answer is obvious.
Could they use us to store info? It’s one of my theory’s. Why else tell us more about the Neithernoor, especially what it can do?
People will still be hurt, some even worse that what is happening now, just because we messed with time.


I understand you guys have serious reservations, but what is the alternative here? :cold_sweat: If there’s another viable choice, then certainly we should debate them…but I haven’t noticed any in the thread.

I haven’t heard any alternatives to speaking with Augie in the past, so I’m very confused on what else there is to do.


Sure, we should continue to speak to Augie. That’s the central idea. But find a different way to open the BoB.


Just voicing an idea here but could we not go to the Neithernor with Deirdre? Surly we would be safe from the storm there, in a pocket world?

“The Silver scrounged for power here in the mundane world, trying to use everything they had to get back in. But they had been exiled.”


I don’t know if we have a way back in yet either


It’s probably completely wrong, but I think the spell to the Neithernor is probably in the book.


Sullivan found a way back in so I assume this will be the way that Deirdre will gain access. But we can’t be sure what’s gonna happen with the path of wool as we don’t know how to find it or much else about it


Tin foil hat time I think:

So…the book of briars is destroyed here not there right? Could we maybe find a way to talk augie into or somehow get him into putting out a decoy book of briars without him really knowing where he put it? Cuz if the storm can track people maybe we could get trick it into following and destroying the decoy (aka the book that is now destroyed our time) we’ve always assumed something a long the lines of the bad guys are who brain washed augie’s memory…what if instead he did it to himself? As a way to keep anyone from being able to hack from his mind where the real book of briars was hidden?..it would make sense they unlocked two and were on their third but couldn’t find the key and the book was intact…we unlocked two found a key but the book was destroyed before we could use it…it would also kind of further explain why augie thought the book of briars was more a spell then a literal book…


It would also explain why we found the book of briars and still needed to unlock the first two right? Or has that already been explained?


Alright, I thought it over. This is crazy, but at least we’re crazy together. Let’s help them out and see where the path goes.


@everyone The results are in and the poll is closed.