Time Paradox Group decision for Fragment 13


I’m not sure how to vote, so I’ll just type out my two cents (okay, it looks like more than two…).
(this may also be more appropriate for the other thread)

Whether then or now, the Book needs to be opened, that part seems to be something we can all agree on.

Do we know what format the Book is in for the '94 Mounties? I would imagine it wasn’t exactly like how our iteration interacted with it before the fire. Would sending a jpeg of a key even interface with theirs?

If it’s in digital form, then perhaps we need to get it sent to us to open their copy in our time, avoiding the issue of what happens to us if the Book is/was opened in the '90s.

If it’s a physical book, then that complicates things. The only way(s) I can think of to have a jpeg key work with an actual book would be to have them hide their copy before the Storm hits it with a means for us to find it; then we would either have to re-digitize the Book, or maybe try printing a key to go in the physical copy (or see if '90s tech was up to the challenge of doing the digitizing and have them do it).


So a way to fix your voting system y’all. Choose 5 members from each guild. That’s all. Even though there are more members in each guild, we are all equal. (Even though I have better hair.) So we should all vote equal.


Use a random name picking app so it’s fair


Augie said that they are struggling with “Fragment 13” right now - that they finished 12 and the Third Assessment. They probably don’t even need the Cosmos Key - it sounds like they already have it.


I don’t understand why this doesn’t just go to a general vote (which, I believe it already has). Breaking it down into hierarchies or dividing across guild lines or vote by was of representatives makes it unnecessarily complicated - there aren’t so many of us that a general vote won’t do the job.


Sorry for this by the way. @everyone Sorry, if you’ve already taken the poll but this is super important. We need all members that can to take it.


Hey Ashburn! If you’d like to vote, go to the very first post in this thread. There is a poll there with two options - “Do we follow Sullivans idea?” and “Do we find a different way?” There should be a circle to the left of each of the choices, you just click on the circle next to the choice you want and your vote is cast!


¯_(ツ)_/¯ I already have it up as a all-around poll.


I voted already - I just don’t see the point of further belaboring the process of deciding.


I saw it, just not sure how I would place it between the two options (as far as figuring out which best represents my opinion, not logistics).


I’m trying to give people a chance. This will decide the future of Basecamp and will end tomorrow night.


The Gossmere poll has been set up. As there are only two of us I can see our descision has been made.
Gossmere will follow Sullivan Greens path.


I’m agreeing with you. I want everyone to just go ahead and use your original poll that you so kindly set up, as I agree it’s the best way for us all to decide and not dither with coming up with alternative voting systems that (sorry for sounding crass) are largely pointless given the limited number of people voting.


Ahh sorry about that, it’s early and I’m taking things too literally. :cold_sweat:


I appreciate the poll to help codify the choices for people but I think the decision will be made in the discussions and debate.


Do we currently possess any knowledge about doing it another way? Becuase I’d love to do it another way, but I’m also practical. If we’re just hoping there’s a different way, that doesn’t fill me with much confidence. If we can for certain do it, do it. If not, then I begrudgingly have to go with less stellar memory erasing option :confused:


No worries!


Okay, I’m going to apologize for this first, in the even that this post is either (a. absurdly long, or (b. not conducive to helping us come to a decision, as a group. My goal here is not to “end all arguments” or to escalate things. Right now, we as Mounties are being faced with a choice that’s hard, and it’s understandable that when we’re faced with decisions like these, there will be conflict. That’s perfectly normal. But what we need right now is to stick together, even when we don’t all agree. If we make a decision, we make it together.

I’ve already stated which side I stand by in the thread for Deirdre’s latest post. I stand by Sullivan’s plan, through and through, but I understand that doing so could destroy so much of what has been created here. Maybe it’s an easier choice for me because I’m a newer recruit, and I’m not as established here. I’m not like Robert, or Oracle, Brendon, Kelsey, Deyavi, or Revenir or Furia (I apologize that I didn’t list more, there are just the names I know the best). I’m new, and that might make it easier for me to make this decision. It might also be because I’m first and foremost a Weatherwatch, so I’m more than willing to follow this unknown path which Sullivan has set before us. But there are also a couple of other things that have helped me to firmly decide upon this path.

Firstly, we know that Sullivan has had this plan for a while. He knew we would be stuck here, and while he may not have guessed at the bonds that we would form, he knew that we would be here to help Deirdre. And he cares about Deirdre, so much so that protected her from the truth so that she wouldn’t have to live her life like he did, in the end. For this reason, I don’t think he would have done anything in direct danger.

We also know now what we’re dealing with now, to an extent. We know now that we walk a new path created by Sullivan, but that is still under threat from those of the path of Silver and their main attack force, The Storm. This information is invaluable to us, though incomplete, as Sullivan says. We don’t know when they will strike or with what force, meaning that if we do nothing, or if we wait too long for another plan to become apparent, then we may be wiped out like the 94 Mounties.

And with Augie’s message early this morning, we know more about the 94 Mounties’ situation. We know that at whatever time we are contacting them, they are working on the 13th Fragment. That means they have passed Phase 3, just like us, but unlike us, they have a book that’s still intact. I personally don’t think sending them the key we got will help them much, unless it helps prove to them that we are sincere in that we want to help and that we have made it to the same point that we are at. After all, Sullivan set out this plan pretty clearly to us: “your book is gone, but with our guidance you are going to help your predecessors open theirs.” We have this path, laid by Sullivan, to do what the Mounties were meant to do: to open the book. That’s our job, our end, and unfortunately, that might mean sacrificing Basecamp, unfortunately.

I have always been staunchly against the phrase “The ends justify the means.” It doesn’t try to calculate the actual cost of achieving something. But here, I think the ends do justify the means. Basecamp is precious to a lot of us: some of you folks have been here almost since the beginning, and since then you’ve spent countless hours working on this, making it a place to enjoy and explore for the rest of us. It’s a special community: others have told us so. But with this, we have the power to help our predecessors. We have the power to help and save, and to me, saving others is worth the sacrifice. It is unlikely that any information that we learn will sway me from my position: I operate first and foremost upon intuition. And it tells me to follow Sullivan’s plan.


Well said.


A) magiq may persist through time. What we have created may not be lost.
B) Our friendship is amazing, but not the final goal here.
C) Sullivan has been our guide for this. Why deviate now?
D) we’ve been trying to open the book all this time. Just because it’s a past version doesn’t make it any less of the book.
E) I said they could use us to preserve information. If they don’t know it’s safe, their actions won’t change, so we may still be here.
F) We get to help people we have seen hurt.

So let’s do this.