Time Paradox Group decision for Fragment 13


Logistically and morally your argument makes absolutely no sense at all to me, I’m sorry.

Without them, we wouldn’t have our chance at all.

We would be in their same shoes if Sullivan had not convinced the Council to protect us instead of the Book. We would be in their shoes if not for that, so they didn’t “fail” by any fault of their own. We were lucky. That is all.

Everything indicates that their Book disappeared when they did.

And can you live with yourself knowing that they are disappearing, dying, and that Augernon will eventually be institutionalized if we do nothing?


They are already dead and gone so I don’t have to live with anything. Failed was the wrong word to use, their sacrificed allowed us to rise from their ashes. I’m only playing devils advocate here as we need to think this through fully


Unless they send their book from the past to the present or otherwise communicate the info to us and then somehow manage to lose it all again, there’s no reasonable way for us to get the contents of the BoB without changing the past.


I have thought this through. I’ve done nothing else except thinking about it. And quite frankly, we don’t have time for endless debate. We cannot afford to be divided and polarized. We need all our strength in this issue.

And Chordie is right.


Just sayin’ :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


This may or may not be a good idea but why doesn’t each guild take it to a vote? The majority of each guild wins the guild vote, the majority of guilds decides how we proceed.


I’d suggest we split up and try each method, but they can’t exactly coexist. Shame.


If we use this method, perhaps we should consider only allowing senior or active members of Balimora,Ebenguard, and Thornmouth to vote; Due to the radical size differences of the guilds, it may help void chaos (Sorry Bali;))


Splitting up might be a good idea as we can have some people trying to help Deirdre and the rest of us split between saving the 94 Mounties or saving this timeline. @OracleSage having our leaders decided might be the best way to tackle this.


You proposed an electoral college-like system. What matters in the final decision is the overall vote for each guild, so everyone should be able to participate.


That’s an interesting idea, but it kind of reduces the value of some people’s votes. For example, there are only 19 Flinterforges, as opposed to the 60 Thornmouths or 48 Balimoras. That means it would only take a small handful of Flinters to take one side and control 1/6 of the vote.

As cool as the idea is of the guilds symbolically casting their votes, I think keeping this as egalitarian as possible is the best way to handle it. This is an extremely serious debate and everyone should get their fair say, regardless of the size of their guild.


Not what I meant by splitting up, @Rimor, but that idea is a damn good one.


I agree…
Just trying to balance out the chaos :grin:


Hence why we should look to our leaders for guidence


Keeps everyone happy and focused on the task at hand


What Rev is saying, is that by doing so, we would become more of a heirarchy,… Which isnt our style


I agree people should be looking to their leaders for guidance, and I hope people will do that regardless. That’s different than diluting the vote by splitting it up by guilds, though. A Balimora vote should not be worth only 1/48 while a Flinterforge vote is worth 1/19. Each vote should be equal.


I’m not saying we change how we work, I think we just need to have an emergency council and who better then the people we look to for guidence


Ah I see what you’re getting at! It wouldn’t be a fair on some of the guilds as they have less numbers then other guilds.


Right! As a member of Gossmere, we have the smallest amount of active members, two to be exact.