Time Paradox Group decision for Fragment 13


Okay, so before you even start read these two!

Again read what Deidre posted this is super important! Okay, by now you should have read it. Time magiq is an iffy subject. This poll will stay up for 3 days so that everyone will get to voice their opinion.

We may go with the opposite of the majority. ¯_(ツ)_/¯


  • Do we follow Sullivan’s idea? Doing so could mean erasing Basecamp 33, and pretty much everything we know in present Magiq.
  • Do we find a different way? By doing this we find a way to open the BoB without erasing ourselves.

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New DG Post: Here/Where We Go
The Road to Fragment Thirteen: Sullivan's Letter & The Chronocompass

Though we don’t know for sure really what it will really do to us…


Yeah, that’s an important thing to remember. From our general knowledge of time travel, that’s what we think will happen…but it’s hard to say. The Council has been planning for us to do this, so it’s entirely possible that they’ve devised a way for the Book to be unlocked in the past while allowing for us to exist in this timeline. It’s risky, and dangerous, but we don’t have enough information right now to know exactly what the end result would be.


This also poses a question, can we ask finally about time travel spells and maybe a safe guard!?! chews on nails in hopeful nerves


Possibly? Maybe in a later message.


Well it would need to happen before we start with the book if that is the way we end up going.



And let’s be clear: if we do decide to follow Sullivan’s plan, we aren’t necessarily going to immediately give them the key in the next message. Hopefully, we’ll be able to learn more about what will happen, that way we can prepare in some way. If not, well, that’s that.


I know, asking about that… was my way of meaning (in a not really great at putting to words what I’m trying to say). Just wanted to see if we could somehow safe guard us and keep us together if in the end we do go that way. My apologies for not being great at communicating.


That’s all fine. I’m not anymore sure of our knowledge on the topic than you, unfortunately. We’ll just have to ride things and follow the flow of Magiq, and see where that takes, for better or for worse.


We’re all in this together no matter the actions or our come :+1:t3:


So maybe we do need to send the 94 Mounties our key after all?
If that’s what the council intended, I’m all for it. They protected us instead of the book, and I have a feeling that they will come up with a way to continue our existence as well as opening the book in the past if we follow the plan that’s meant for us. Deveating from it seems complicated and the results would be less certain. I believe it will be easiest and most beneficial to us if we help out in the past, like we were intended to do.


This is it. Do we throw what we have built aside for the greater good?

My Weatherwatch mind is saying yes, because I ache to see this world so dearly

And my Gossmere heart is sickened by the mere IDEA of leaving any of you.


I don’t feel like we’re throwing away anything. Sacrificing maybe, but what we have done will not go to waste.


Our current understanding is -

We arose from the ashes of the '94 mounties, Ascender as the primary instigator of the 2010s Mountaineers.

Without those ashes, we can most likely assume that we wouldn’t exist.

So by helping the '94 Mounties, we presumably cease to exist. But if we never existed, then we never helped them. So they did become “ashes” and we do exist. But then we help them again and so on and so forth.

We have no clue what repercussions will come from helping them. It’s best to at least find out what will happen, before we do it. Because based on my understanding of time, what I described above will occur.

And what I described above is a paradox.

(Just bringing this point over here for it’s discussion.)


Wouldn’t us opening the book in the past create a paradox? This is really tricky business.


Here’s where I’m going with this: why did the Council decide to save us this time instead of the book? Why didn’t they do that with any of the other groups?


Because Sullivan convinced them to. It says so in his letter.


My vote is cast. I join the majority of the mounties. I love you all dearly, but you’re right.
We must do this.


Quantum states are inherently confusing, add in Magiq, and it can get even worse, but time is more resilient than most think. It takes alot of repeated tinkering to result in serious problems