Thornmouthian Guildhouse - Name TBA


Every guild is doing it. So I have created this thread mainly for the sake of properly organizing all of our ideas into one definitive structure. This will be the Thornhouse. So let’s tackle this like true intellectuals and start discussing. My personal thoughts are below.

We had previously decided that a Lighthouse is highly appropriate to represent our guild. It not only has symbolic meaning, knowledge = illumination. It also bears a striking resemblance to our emblem. :thornmouth:.

It would sit on a cape. Right above a cliff. The sea crashing against the shoreline at the base of said cliffs. There would be a perpetual storm. An ancient protection spell cast years ago.

The visible part of the light house would be enormous. A giant round building with large round windows. Peaked with the housing that holds the mindflame. It would conjure the image of a rather stereotypical lighthouse, if you were to scale it up much more than nessecary.

The interior of the upper floors would be a giant library. The library would at least be 30 stories high. Each floor would be a ring. These rings would have bookshelves, reading nooks, and drafting desks everywhere. Dotted about in a manner that only the initiated could navigate them.

There would be a plush room directly below the Mindflame’s housing. It would be lavish, with a magical wine cooler and plenty of food. A communal room to discuss stories and what you’ve learned. Couches and cushions would be strewn about haphazardly. Allowing anyone to come in an lay themselves down in a manner that would relieve stress.

The ground floor would be clear of any books. Opposite from the north facing front door would be a card catalogue that would magically guide you to not only the books you want to read but also the books it thinks you should read. There would be two hearths the at the other two cardinal directions. these always would be lit, so travelers and Thornmaw alike could warm their hands by the fire.

Underground would be the dorms. Rooms cut deep into the rock, snakeing underneath the house and into the cliff.

Anything else. Ideas will be appreciated and suggestions for a name would be graciously accepted and then evaluated.


I’ve decided against using one of the dorm rooms and have curtained off a nook under the stairs of the first library floor for my own use. I have a lamp, food stash, pillows, and access to books. That’s all I need.


The first time I made it to the light house, I came up to the cliff face and had to climb it in the dark to get inside. I do not recommend that route. When I got there, everyone was having a Tome kindling session in the top and so the library was empty. I thought I was alone and settled in with a book. I heard noises and hurried into the shadow on one of the great staircases. I know im welcomed there now, but I still prefer to read and sleep in my little hideaway. Some of the others helped me clear out the dust and cobwebs and it’s quite cosy now. I’m considering hanging a string of magiq lanterns around the outside of my nook for safety reasons. It’s easy to mistake for an empty place in the dark and I don’t want anyone else sitting on me while I sleep because they didn’t know I was there.


In the deepest part of the underground would be the archives where all the most rare and unique artifacts and relics are kept safe in a twisting labyrinth or corridors and shelf’s. Only the most adept would be able to navigate the archives. Anyone else who tried to enter would find themselves back at the main entrance to the lighthouse.


At my initial arrival, I would stay in the dorm rooms, purely for getting accustomed to the place. But eventually, I would take inspiration from @Sellalellen and started moving bookshelves to make a sort of ceiling-less room in a less used part of the library, where I would spend the majority of the time.


At my arrive, I would chose a dorm that had a view over the sea and there would be little decoration except writing from anicent texts lining the walls and bed and desk. This space would be a functional area were I do most of my research and spell work.


Not entirely sure how I arrived in the world, feeling almost as though this is the start of a beautiful dream, I find myself following the scent of salt, the bite of the wind, and the sound of crashing waves upon rock. I come to find myself gazing in awe at an enormous lighthouse with a brilliant burning flame sitting atop a cove amidst a storm. Slowly approaching, with a large canvas and a small sheet of parchment enchanted to hover on my left and right, respectively, I enchant my cloak to float above me and shield myself and my work from the rainfall. I meticulously sketch every detail of the lighthouse and the cove on the canvas, and describe my artwork on my parchment. When I feel as though I have properly captured and catalogued the sight, I approach the door.
Upon entering the room I immediately pull out another set of canvas and parchment and do the same for this peaceful lobby. I approach one of the hearths, thankful for a respite from the cold. An enchanted card approaches me, it reads: “The Monarch Papers: Flora and Fauna” it then drifts away before I can properly capture it. Feeling compelled to follow, it leads me through a wondrous library to a well read tome.
I take the tome in hand and head up to the highest level, into the open air. I find myself in awe of the magnificent flame and meticulously inscribe it into my collection. I then turn my gaze to the sea and the storm, a great flash of lightning splits the dark sky. This is the moment I choose to capture for my records.
Once I am content that I have fully captured the beauty that this locale has to offer, I weave my sketches and descriptions together and place them into the satchel draped over my shoulder. I then lean against railing of the lighthouse, magically lift the well read tome up to chest height, open it and begin to read, hoping to gain a better understanding of this dream-like world I seemed to have stumbled upon.


The dark storm raged on endlessly. The boat was tossed to and fro as if it was a toy in a child’s bath. I’ve been sailing for a week desperately chasing something I couldn’t even say for sure existed. An old tome called the guide claimed that it would lead to the light of truth: an entity that was said to know all things. And now here I was in the middle of the biggest storm I had ever seen on a small sail boat that was about to end with the stubborn captain going down with the ship. Some of the wave were 30 feet tall barreling down on my small vessel. I cursed myself under my breath. It will be easy. There is no need for intructions. How hard can it be to sail from point A to point B? The answer is hard. I’m an idiot and I’m about to be sunk. I pulled hard on the rig to set my life line. hopefully I won’t need it I scan the horizon for any sign that the storm will end. That were I saw it, I was bright enough to see through the storm. A beacon in the darkness. It meant there was land and hopefully safety. I pulled my crimison hair up and out of my face I ran to the bow of the and pulled the rudder to port toward the beacon. I made sure not to turn to much to prevent capsizing. It was almost over. That is what I thought at least until the largest wave I had seen, over a hundred foot easily, slammed right into the boat. I never stood a chance. It was over in a second and I was in the water getting swirled around like a rag doll. I tried to hold my breath for a long as possible, but I failed soon I was sinking into the murky water the darkness cover might sight the last thing I saw was that light in the distance before it all went black.
The burning sun woke me. I soon found myself on a beach and surrounded by bird hoping they had found their lunch. I waved my arms sending them to take to the air. I tried to stand up but my right leg was shot with raging white burning pain. I must have hurt it. I could not stay out in the open like this unless I really wanted to die. I saw a long piece of drift wood that was not to far from me. I rolled over biting my lip to stop me from screaming in pain and began to army crawl over to the drift wood. Once I had it in my hand, I used it as a support for my weight. It still hurt like hell but it was barable. I look around for somewhere I could find some shelter. Luckily not to far on a cliff was what looked like an old light house. That look promising, I mutter to myself. I began the long and slow process of making my way to the lighthouse. I had walked all day and only made it half way. Lucky I found what was left of my ship. Including my travel bag, some food and water that I was smart enough to store in a water proof container and some medical supplies for my leg. After I finished bandaging my leg, I slept amongst the wreckage of my ship. The next day my leg was much better. It still hurt but no lognger felt like I was stabbing my own leg. I continue the walk to the lighthouse and did not make it till nightfall. Now that I was closer I notice how run down the building was. Some of the brick was missing and the door had rotted off. I walk in through one of the missing sections of the wall. Hey this will do for now. The inside was very roomy. I was still a functional shelter for now. I collapsed in the center of the main hall and feel asleep. Tomorrow I would discovery the secrets of this building.
It was still night when I woke up to the sound of laughter, I quickly got to my feet. It sound like a little girl. “Do you want play?” I turned around to find a young girl with pure white hair. I was so shocked all I could say was “Who are you?” The girl giggling at me as if my question was the funniest thing, then turned and ran began to run down a hallway I don’t remember being their before. I charged after her. Her laughter echoed off the walls. We enter a room like the one we just left but it looked new. There were no missing sections and a complete stone staircase that spiraled around the room and up to the observation levels which was were the girl was going now I bound up the stairs after her. Once I reached the the last flight there was a heavy metal door that lead to the observation deck. Once I was through the door their she was. Between us was an a large hearth that was not definitely not natural the flame coming from the hearth was appeared to be changing colors. Red blue green yellow black purple white. The order was completely random. The girl smiled through the flames. “What would you do for knowledge? If were to be able to have the knowledge of a thousand men? You can have it if you want all you have to do is retrieve the medal from the flame and it’s yours.” I don’t know why but I believed her. In the center of the flame, there was a small silver medal. If I was quick, I could get it. I reached into the flame and found it was not hot. Bearly warm. The moment my fingers rapped around the medal a rush of heat over came me. My blood began to boil and my head filled with thoughts and ideas that were not mine filled my head. Knowledge and thoughts pour into my head like water into a cup and began to over flow. The world became full of the color of the flames. Suddenly, it stop. I was on my knees operation deck. The girl was gone. But I somehow understood. The medal was no longer blank. It depicted the top of the lighthouse. I understood from now on I was a Thornmouthian and nothing would be the same. One thing I was absolutely certain was that I was home.


I spend most of my time exploring the environment and studying what wildlife I can find around the hall. No open space is left on the walls of my dorm between the bookshelves stacked with books written in various languages, many of which I don’t even speak, but I plan to.


So there is this ps4 game called dreams coming out…I was thinking about making my headspace/inner world in it (I have DID), but also now this light house is really sparking idea’s in my head. The cool thing about dreams is it has virtual reality capability. I’ll definitely post what I come up with after I’ve made it though.


You must let me know how the VR part is, most of the VR parts I have experienced so far have made me barf :confused:


I use to get motion sick in vr too. You just got to stop playing whenever that happens and take a break. Then try again. After awhile the motion sickness will stop. You can also use different comfort settings to minimize the nausea. Also ginger candy helps.


Thanks, I’ll have to try those strategies out next time I play VR.