Thornmouth Guild Evening Hang-Out


Hi everyone,

As I was signposted to the guild to meet my fellow thornmouths, I thought I could start an evening handout round the fireplace that sits in the entrance, where we can check in with each other before heading to our separate respective books for the evening.

I thought it might be fun if people started general discussions for the evening? For example I was wondering if anyone else had seen that stack of stones in the woods by the lighthouse?

The Welcome Super Topic: Come Say Hello!
The Welcome Super Topic: Come Say Hello!
The Welcome Super Topic: Come Say Hello!

I saw them. I wonder if anyone else is eschewing the dormitories and collecting them to build a house out of stone like one of the piglets from the children’s story. It is the wisest choice with the strong winds from the coast though it is guaranteed to be much draftier than the lighthouse without proper patching between them.

Though The Mindflame is often metaphor in our private learnings, I don’t imagine it’s great for that either.

If any guildmembers need help nesting in their new home, please let us know. We can help each other make a home and plan structured events among us that don’t completely isolate us. There is also intellectual value in sharing ideas and each other’s lives. Each of us can choose how much we want to engage.


Evening everyone! Can someone tell me where the logs are kept and I’ll try and boost the fire?
@Presley I’m glad you saw them too! I’ve been so tired recently i thought it was just me! Maybe I’ll head out tomorrow and investigate, weather depending. For now, I’m off to find a nook to finish the monarch papers in- any suggestions?


Alas, I suffer from logophobia which for some may mean ‘fear of words’ but where I come from it means fear of logs often manifested as an inability to see logs. Once my brother took me to a forest full of felled trees as a joke and watched me stumble across a field of logs I could not see. I do enjoy the funny papers though and have lots of comic book kindling. It turns the flames blue and green.


Hey what’s up? Can we use the stones? I wonder if I can use those brick to make a fire pit outside the lighthouse. You know make a place for barbecue or a makeshift fire pit might me nice. It would be nice for me to show off my cooking skills. No that wouldn’t work because of the storm outside the lighthouse. I wonder if the were left over from the construction of the lighthouse. I am up for an investigation.


We can probably barbecue in a storm. Maybe we set up on the leeward side of the lighthouse? It’ll still be damp, but there won’t be wind so we can keep a fire lit,


That might work, but how would we light the wood for it? It would be to damp from the rain to ignite. Hey you’re flinterforge as well as thornmouth like me right? If we use some alchemy then we could change the flash point of the wood and it would still ignite with all this rain. Do you think that could work? It wouldn’t take much just maybe some lighter fluid. Once it’s lite then I can set up the fire pit and then I can cook up some mean hamburgers.


Evening all!
I guess the woodshelter there’s a little worse for wear since it fell out of use. Another project for next time the storm dies down, then? If anyone can tear themselves away from their investigations : P

I‘ll join Presley in tossing bits of inked paper into the fireplace to see the flames change colour. I appreciate the idea to extend a hand of welcome to Thornmouths outside the lighthouse. I‘m not much for staying in the busy guild building myself, though I don‘t know that I‘d go as far as to try and live out on the rocks!


I’m always up for fireplace shenanigans. I think it would be interesting to see if different kinds of ink change the colour in different ways.
For the woodshelter, it might just be a case of putting on a waterproof coat and suffering the rain for a little bit, there’s no point putting off what you can do today for tomorrow :wink:


Yeah the storm around the guildhouse doesn’t really stop, as it is believed to be part of an old spell to keep others out. Any outside projects will just have to be done in the rain.


I wondering about that. Why the old thornmouths would put up the eternal storm to keep outsiders out. Is there a more specific reason that the original thornmouths didn’t want other people coming around? I guess it might have something to do with the archives or the mind flame? You wouldn’t happen to know the answer would you @BrokenVoid. I remember that storm gave me some serious trouble the first time I came here. It is illogical to put up that level of defense just because you don’t feel like being neighborly.


Perhaps the perpetual storm was here before the guildhouse, and the lighthouse was originally built to protect ships from this very phenomenon.


Maybe whoever cast the storm liked to find a cozy nook to curl up in with a pile of books and a cup of tea. Nothing beats the feeling of a summer thunderstorm raging outside, rain lashing the windows and lighting crackling across the sky, while you’re warm and safe inside, buried deep inside a pile of blankets and lost in the pages of a good book.


Mmmm yes. Very cosy.


I sure wouldn’t blame them for that, I do love a good thunderstorm.


A fire and a thunderstorm do sound like a most calming combination and good for taking a moment. A small umbrella is hardly a benefit when facing mystical weather patterns,(waves awkwardly an unnecessarily old fashioned style umbrella flinging drops of cold water wildly). Perhaps a cup or two of tea would assist in assessing the rocks and what they have to say about the weather, I’m certain the stones have quiet an opinion about this erosion and lichen they have to contend with.


The storm may also be a rite of passage for new members? As a new recruit myself I could definitely see myself flinging the door open for the first time, sopping wet, inexplicably pulling an irritated fish out from my ineffective wellies and collapsing onto the nearest piece of furniture or structure that would hold my weight.


Evening everyone. So I was wondering, what is your favorite spot in the guildhouse? Is there anything interesing you’ve discovered?

The communal room is quite nice. It’s a good place to relax, read, or spend time with others. The proximity to the Mindflame doesn’t hurt either. I did find a lovely little spot tucked behind a bookshelf in the library. There’s a bench under the window, overlooking the sea. It’s a good spot to get lost in your readings or your thoughts.


I love spending time in the library, the peaceful atmosphere combined with the sound of the rain is just so soothing. Plus, occasionally you can see the impact of past Thornmouths - I’ve pulled multiple books off of the shelves and opened them up to find pages of hastily scribbled notes stuffed inside, forgotten at the time now rediscovered.
I’ve actually started searching the bricks and cracks in the corridor because someone has hidden little riddles in there. They aren’t particularly difficult, I think they are meant to be amusing more than anything and it’s a lovely thought that someone spent time sneaking around hiding cute notes and jokes in the walls, hoping someone would find it in the future and laugh.


I like going into the deepest part of the archives. You never know what you might find down there. Also it is deadly quiet as not many people go that deep. The down side is that everything is covered in a layer of dust. I’m pretty sure some of those book have not been touched in maybe a century or two.