The Wonderfully Chaotic Steve


:slight_smile: Nope not me


So from our current theorising we have determined that Steves chaos ia actually very organised. I think there might be a bit of old Thornmouth in you Stevie boy! :wink:


Steve is a transdimensional entity beyond our plane of existence. He, or rather they, is a collective consciousness merely projecting their form onto that of the account. Humans cannot comprehend their true form due to differing laws of each physical world. While many would assume that Steve is a ‘higher’ form of life, this is not the case. Steve is extremely limited on this plane but that does not mean that if we were to journey to their plane that we would be outmatched. Due to Scarpleago’s 3rd law of transdimensional translation, we would be similarly powerful on Steve’s plane. In conclusion, Steven is an entity masquerading as a member of the Mountaineers, farming information from the Patreon to feed to us to gain our favor so we may write a spell to rewrite Scarpleago’s laws of transdimensional translation so they may come to our plane in the form common to them on theirs, allowing them to colonize our plane of existence.

(JK jk.)


You made me read all that just to say jk at the end?




Base64 for “I’m right behind you”

Good 'ole prankster Steve