The Wonderfully Chaotic Steve


Steve is a character whom some of us are thinking about and concerned about. Some of us thought it was CJ but he confirmed it was not him. So now it’s time to talk about it. who is he, and where did he come from?


Where did he come, where did here go!


@SimonAG ? :eyes:


Other than my soulmate… Who is he!?


Other than my one-sided best friend you mean?


You know you love me xoxo gossip girl


Hahaha sorry this post made me think about it


Where did he come from, cotton eyed joe!


Good idea! That’s CJ’s assistant, yeah?


Who is the clown behind the chaos?


Simon is the creative director of Ackerly Green. He does lots of behind the scenes work, and he’s also the one who composed the super awesome sound track to the Monarch Papers! :slightly_smiling_face:

He just seemed like a likely suspect. :joy: Or Johnny? Or Devin, who’s CJ’s assistant.


Hes not a staff member or anyone who works for CJ


not necessarily. CJ said it wasn’t him and he didn’t know who it was. it could be a staffperson doing this on their own.


Well we just know for certain it is not CJ behind the curtain.


What is this???


But he’s posted extra lore for ages. It has to be either CJ or someone just under him.



Slightly off topic but this image is just so @Steve!


This is us right now


Tin foil wrapped antlers would be more accurate though…