The Welcome Super Topic: Volume One


Hello all! Elwood here, new member and recent sorted Thornmouth. I find the guild to be oddly accurate in its description of me, something I’m sure many of us feel about our selections. In the real people world I work in IT, solving all sorts of problems related to computers and computer networks. I’m a bit of a gamer and avid reader (when I can find the down time) and the Human friend to a lovely black Labradoodle named Layla. Looking forward to seeing you all around the Net!


Welcome to the forum @Elwood_Mackenzie! Most of us do tend to feel pretty strongly connected to our guild, though it’s always possible for one’s guild to change with time and the flow of Magiq. Make sure you check out the forum primer for info on how to get started here and get aquainted with the rules. The Creationary is a great place to get your creative juices flowing and join some ongoing discussions. There’s also a Q&A topic for any further questions or feel free to message our guild leader @Sellalellen.
Which of Thornmouth’s Magiq affinities sounds most interesting to you?


Hi! I’m Bean, a super green Ebenguard!


Hi @BEANBONGOS ! Welcome to the forum!

Your Guild leaders are @Deyavi and @Ginger ! If you have any questions about the forum feel free to PM them or even ask me! Make sure to look through the “Forum Primer” to get a little insight into the forum if you haven’t already done so! For more information you should probably PM @BrokenVoid or @Rimor as they are the official Welcomers! Sorry if this wasn’t much help but i’m certain those I mentioned can help you so don’t be afraid to shoot them a message! I hope to see you around!


Hey!! My name is Aster, a very curious Thornmouth!


Hi @AsterBlair ! It’s nice to see a fellow Thornmouth joining in!

Your Guild leader is @Sellalellen ! Don’t be afraid to shoot her a message to have a helping hand around the forum! As a little tip you should probably check out the “Forum Primer” as that should help you get more oriented in the forum! If you need some more help reach out to Sella or the official welcomers which are @BrokenVoid and @Rimor ! I hope you stick around and enjoy the forum!


I cant figure out how to send a pm


You just left click on the @(name) and and a little window should pop up and on the right of that should be a “Message” button! Hope this helps!


how does it work on mobile?


For mobile you just tap on their name and then that same window should pop up, except the message prompt should pop up just below their name and guild! I should have clarified if you were on mobile or not, so I do apologize for the misscommunication!


no problem man i just want to do some digging on the Neithercouriers. 1 hour in and im already hurling myself into the deep end…


I feel that! If you have any further questions there is an entire topic dedicated to it that has people way smarter than I am in there to help you along! I do hope you have an amazing adventure through the forum though and I hope to see you around!

Topic is called “The Q&A Super Topic”


Hello, I am Alice, and I’m new to Ebenguard


Oh man, that’s a good question! I’m still early on in my studies but I’d say that Tome Kindling and Time Shifting are probably the ones that jump out at me most. Perhaps a dabble in philosomancy as well!


Hello @AlicePenderghast ! Nice to meet you and welcome to the forum!

Your Guild Leaders are @Deyavi and @Ginger ! If you have any questions feel free to PM them, myself or @BrokenVoid and @Rimor ! BrokenVoid and Rimor are the official welcomers! If you haven’t already head over and check out the “Forum Primer” to get a little taste of the forum! I hope to see you around!


I’m a newly arrived & highly intrigued Thornmouth.


Hey @LittleLong1, welcome to the forum and welcome to Thornmouth! Best way to get started here is by visiting the forum primer for the general rules and flow of the forum. There’s a Q&A topic if you have further questions, or feel free to message me or our guild leader @Sellalellen any time. Once you’re acquainted with the rules there are plenty of exciting and intriguing discussions you can join in on.
Which of the Thornmouth Magiq affinities do you think sounds most interesting?


Welcome @Elwood_Mackenzie, @BEANBONGOS, @AsterBlair, @AlicePenderghast and @LittleLong1!!!

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