The Welcome Super Topic: Volume One

Welcome @Agoode1001!! @Helios is your guild leader so if you need any help or have any questions just drop him a message! You should check out the Forum Primer to get started! CJ has created a wonderful magiq world so you’ll definitely have fun here! Especially if you like puzzles, tinfoil and crazy lore!


Hello people. I think I just followed the most interesting facebook ad on this side of the planet, and I’m excited at the premise of this book series/interactive universe/other thing you all are doing over here! I’m a part of Ebenguard (I’ll add it to my bio and find out more about what the [redacted] it is once I do a little more research into the spell book), so hello to all my guildmates, and non guildmates alike.


Welcome, fellow Ebbie! Our guild leaders are @Deyavi and @Ginger, both perfectly lovely humans (not that there’s anything wrong with anyone else :endriwink: ). If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out to them or pretty much anyone else. We tend to jump at the chance to be helpful.

There are a couple links to the Forum Primer and a What’s Going On Right Now post that shouldn’t be too far up the thread that may have some additional helpful info.

Edit: Okay, apparently it’s been a couple days since What’s Going On Right Now has been linked, but the Forum Primer is plentiful.


Welcome @metatomato!!


Hey sisters I’m a new weatherwatch


Hey @RohanQueen I’m Skylad one of your captains along with @Remus and we’re both stoked to have you on board! If you have any questions at all please don’t be afraid to ask either one of us!
You’ve probably seen it talked about in the previous posts but I can’t stress enough how awesome the Primer is! Also there’s the Magiq wiki that our super talented @Revenir has been working on for forever and a day and its honestly one of my favourite tools for getting info on certain aspects of lore.

Also welcome to the numerous other Mounties that have signed up! It’s soo exciting to see our little community grow and can’t wait to see what you all bring to the table


Wow, welcome to all of the new Mounties who’ve popped up the past two days! I’ve been kind of busy doing mundane things, but I’m super excited that you’re all here. I’m Remus, one of the captains of Weatherwatch, and if you need anything, feel free to reach out to me to ask questions (or reach out to your own or other leaders)! It looks like you’ve all been led towards some great places to start, so I’ll leave you all to your exploring.

Again, welcome!


Welcome @RohanQueen!!!


Hiya, I’m Trinity, i just found this website/forum/book thing, and it seems pretty rad, so umm yeah, hi!


Hey everyone! I’m WizardAstraz ‘Astraz’ for short - of Ebenguard.

Coming across all this was unusually synchronistic. I just uprooted my entire life (job, home, relationship) to begin an adventure. I was lamenting over my circumstances as the fear was settling upon me - I asked for guidance. I knew starting this adventure it was to begin actively seeking my purpose…to bring magic back to this world.

Lo and behold, Ackerly Green’s Guide to Magiq appeared via a well placed (and curiously aligned) Instagram post.

After the assessment and noting the qualities of Ebenguard I couldn’t deny My interest was piqued. I spent all day reading through volume one of the Monarch Papers. I feel a step closer to finding direction. Not only did I find a lead on a deeply hidden personal awareness shared publicly…but a community to accompany it.

I’m looking forward to connecting with all of you and reconnecting with Magiq.

The adventure begins!



At the welcome thread and already in character, that’s some dedication. Welcome, fellow new Ebenguard!


Thank you!

Though I’m curious to wonder about me being in character, which is me as I am. :face_with_monocle::man_shrugging:


Magiq works in mysterious ways friend. In character or no, its changed our lives. Welcome, enjoy your stay.


Thank you! I plan on it, for certainly I was brought here on the tides of fate.


Then we arrived in a similar manner, it would appear. XP


Hello all, I am Wolf but I typically go by my artist tag Wolfcrap… I know I know… nicknames are typically shorter than our real name. After taking the test a few times at various hours throughout the week I continued to receive the same result. Thornmouth, and I am very pleased to have accepted that and now moving forward by posting my initial greeting. Perhaps I will share some art in the future. I look forward to making new friends here.


Welcome @posterin, @WizardAstraz and @Wolfcrap!

@Sellalellen is our guild leader Posterin and Woldcrap and @Ginger and @Deyavi are you guild leaders WizardAstra. So if you have any questions just send you respective leader(s) a message!

Best place to get started on here is the Forum Primer



My name is chase and I’m 29

I practice the tarot and gardening. I enjoy working with some Druidic arts as well as using cartomancy for meditation and divination. I love practicing for friends so if anyone is interested in a reading please message me!


Welcome @Nymid!! @Helios is your guild leader so if you have any questions you can ask him! Another useful place to look for answers or ask questions is in the Q&A thread!

@Cj_Heighton has started a wonderful gardening thread that I’m sure you’ll love!

You should also check out the Forum Primer as it has lost of useful links and tips to get you started!


Hi! I’m Karleigh and a new Balimoran and I can’t wait to learn more!