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Welcome new recruits, please introduce yourself!

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Hey everyone. I’m a very new Ebenguard. I’m still trying to catch up with everything.


Welcome into the fray my friend. You’ve joined at a perfect time! We’ve just finished the fourth fragment and found the first key, and are probably gonna start the fifth fragment within the next few days.

You’ve got an exciting rhode ahead (ha ha, get it? nvmnd)


I see that your puns are even worse than your music taste :smiley:


oooooooooooooooooooooooooh burn


Come on, i was kidding


and i was playin’ along :wink:


I’m not an Ebenguard (Thornmouth here, which surprised me), nor do I have those SICK PUNS like Lux, but I wish you the best of luck! I only joined a couple weeks ago and its been really awesome, as well as easy enough for me to be able to contribute :smiley:


I was on a lot last week but I seemed to have missed a lot! I have decided I seem to be a Gossmere Thornmouth mix. But I find myself to be more a Gossmere. I’m happy to be back but could use some filling in…


Well, what do you remember last happening? Might be a good place to start.


Are you caught up with everything up until the most recent fragment? If not, I highly suggest reading through the Basecamp Blog - that’ll get you up to speed on the first three fragments.

If you’re already caught up on the stuff that’s happened up until fragment four, then here’s the gist of the latest fragment. From King Rabbit’s fragment, we found a link on the Those Who Did Not Die page. The link led to a website called the Forest of Darkening Glass and was set up by Susan Lachmann, the mother of a boy named Brandon who died in 1986. The website has changed since then, but you can see the original here. As we explored the website, we found that it was being altered by a group called The Devoted. They came in contact with us, seeming to want help in contacting Brandon, who they believe had not died. They thought he had left this world for somewhere better - somewhere where magic exists.

We started with what the Devoted called the first trial, which had four beacons. Basically, the Devoted gave us a bunch of files, documents that Brandon himself had created for an RPG game. We had to use the files to solve the beacons and then send the information to the Devoted once we were done. You can read what we did over on the Fragment Four category, here’s the links to beacons one, two, three, and four. The gist of this - each of those beacons led to a location in New York City. Using all four locations in an x-marks-the-spot manner, we were able to find another real life location, the Triplets Bridge in Central Park. We had a mountaineer go there in real life, where they found a disk. The disk led to new documents from the Devoted and we were onto the second trial.

The second trial is a little more complicated. Using the numbers on the disk, we found new pages on the Forest of Darkening Glass website - more files from Brandon. To sum it up, the puzzles we solved led us to the Met Museum’s Cloisters, where we found the next disk and another hint from Brandon. Except…here’s where things get a bit complicated - someone from the Devoted helped us out and they weren’t supposed to. They found out and…now they’re angry at us. We’re not in contact with them anymore.

So, long story short, we’re now on what you would call the third trial, I guess. Trying to figure out where to go next and what we can do to help Brandon and open the Book of Briar’s next lock. Hopefully that helps you get caught up!


Thanks a lot! I’m all filled in and rearing to go!


I’m Lux, I’m new (obviously). My icon is a character from WicDiv (felt appropriate?) I’m a Thornmouth, and the description made me feel like the book thought I was smarter than I actually am.

I’m still chipping away at the blog posts at the moment

I don’t know what else to say here? I’ve never been involved with this type of thing before…


Hi ! welcome to the party! we just started tearing into fragment 4 so good timing


Hello Lux, and welcome! I’m pretty new here myself. I know it’s overwhelming, there’s quite a bit to catch up on, Once you get caught up with the blogs, get familiar with the forum, this is where most of the action is. (you don’t have to read every single post, just get a feel for how things work and where we are now, you can always go back through later for reference).
This is a really good forum, it’s well set up, it works really well, and most importantly, everyone here is great. You’re among friends here, So relax, pull up a chair, roll up your sleeves, and get ready for one heck of a ride. :slight_smile:
And know this, you didn’t find the book. The book found you. To quote Morpheus "You’re here because you know something. What you know you can’t explain, but you feel it. You’ve felt it your entire life, that there’s something wrong with the world. You don’t know what it is, but it’s there, like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad. " Magic is real. That knowledge has been stolen from us. We’re here to try to get it back.


Awesome welcome post @Leigha and perfect use of a quote from The Matrix. @luxisdead, welcome, and the weekly recaps on Basecamp 33. They’re a pretty easy to digest distillation of progress on everything.


Welcome Lux,
I’m Skullvine, or Skully/S
You joined at a good time since we’re only just starting in on this fragment.
I try to log and make note of things so let me know if I can help fill you in on any details.
I work a lot but I try to check in daily and help out however I can.