The Welcome Super Topic: Come Say Hello!

Welcome to Thornmouth @BohemianBird!


Hello there,

I’m a huge lover of fantasy, mystery and books in general. So when I saw an ad for this forum I was pretty excited. Even though I’ve never been part of anything like this, I’m eager to experience it! The guild I was sorted into is Ebenguard.

I like spending time drinking tea, playing with my dog and tending to my plants. I’ve just started Flora and Fauna and I’m already delighted by what I’ve read so far.



welcome, asteria!


Hi @Asteria welcome to the forum!

Your guild leaders are @Deyavi and @Ginger! I’m glad to hear that your as into this kind of thing as lots of us are! I really recommend you go check out the Forum Primer if you haven’t already!

I really hope you enjoy your stay if you have any questions feel free to shoot me or your guild leaders a question!


My name is Tori and I’m new to the AG forums! I found the quiz through IG and was sorted into Ebengaurd. I just started reading the book and am thoroughly enjoying it so far!


Hullo! @Zhepha Im really excited you heard and answered the call! We’re happy to have you!

Your guild leaders are @Deyavi and @Ginger if you need help but please don’t forget us @Wagoneers are also here to help! Please check out the Forum Primer if you haven’t already and please enjoy yourself!


Thanks a bunch!


Welcome @Asteria and @Zhepha!!!


Hi! I’m Artemis. I don’t know about the other guilds, but I got sorted into Weatherwatch, and I had to use two pixies and visit the Iremonger to get there, so it was hard won.

OC I’m an actor and tabletop roleplayer. Nice to meet you all! :blush:


Welcome to the Ackerly Green Forum @Artemis!!!

Make sure you read everything in the first post and the forum primer!

@Skylad and @Remus are your guild leaders so you can PM them if you have any questions or you can contact any of the Wagoneers! You can also check out the Q&A thread for answers and questions!

This place is very heavy on roleplaying so you’ll definitely enjoy it here!

What drew you to the Guide?


Hello! I’m Avery

I’ve been put into Ebenguard and I found this through Facebook. I’ve just started reading the Monarch Papers and I’m very intrigued by this forum


Welcome @Avery!!!

Your guild leaders are @Ginger and @Deyavi! You can PM them if you have any questions or any of the Wagoneers! There is also a Q&A thread you can check out!

Make sure you’ve read everything above and the forum primer as its all super important!

The monarch papers are definitely the best place to start catching up on everything that’s happened! I’m sure you’re gonna love them!

What hobbies do you have aside from joining mysterious forums? :laughing:


You’re so quick on the welcome draw every time!


Im stuck on a two hour train ride so I don’t have much else to do, aside from that I don’t have a life :joy:


Hello everyone!

I found this place through an ad on FB, and I was instantly drawn to the Guild symbols and names. I was sorted to Weatherwatch, and I’m excited to find out exactly what the means, haha.

I love all things creative-fantasy, including writing my own story ideas (although I will admit I’ve been suffering from a major case of writer’s block recently) and DMing a regular homebrew D&D group. So this concept really called to me and I’m eager to start reading and catching up on this story.


cough @Wagoneers cough


Hello! I saw an advert on FB for the Guide and sent it to my girlfriend (she loves Harry Potter so I thought it might interest her. After doing the Guide for myself and receiving a copy of TMP1, I thought I’d give it a read and became hooked. I’m now into TMP2 and trying to catch up as fast as I can.

I was sorted into Thornmouth at first but realised that perhaps I’d not been entirely honest with the test, so I had another crack at it a couple of hours later and it sorted me into Balimora. I instantly felt more connected to it (hence the username / PP).

I DM a group in D&D so the idea seemed pretty awesome! I’m looking forward to being involved at some point in the future.


Welcome @Smebel and @Bookchin!

@Skylad and @Remus are your guild leaders Smebel and @Helios and @Nimueh are your guild leaders Bookchin!

If you have any questions you can PM them or any of the Wagoneers! You can also look at the Q&A thread linked above!

Make sure you read everything in the first post and the Forum Primer as it’s super important!


Hi There,
New to Everything here, but excited to get started.
I took the assessment and came up a Thornmouth, so we will see how it goes :call_me_hand:


@RangerHopton Welcome to the forum!

The Thornmouth guild leader is @Sellalellen so if you have any questions don’t forget to shoot her or us @Wagoneers a question! If you haven’t already go check out the Primer to get sorted on the forum! I really hope you have an amazing time here with us!

Why do you personally think you were put in Thornmouth and what guild affinity stood out to you?